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  1. Kamado Big Joe 3 vs Classic 3. I Have the Joe jr and love it . I need a perfect 2 grill combo for a family of 2 and when i entertain will be 8 people at times. Is the Classic Big enough for 8-10 people . I mostly smoke ribs, Pork Butts and rarely a Brisket . I want to move away from my gas webber grill and Smoken Tex electric smoker. I Don't like the electric smokers temp only goes to 250* also chicken skin is rubbery at that temp !
  2. Same here i just bought 2 bags of Royal Oak in HD very small prices! Very disappointed after all good reviews!
  3. Anyone make 12'' rib Rack holder to fit in a kamado joe jr ! I know that i can male a pined circle but like to try a rack.
  4. Just got my Jr and was going nuts looking on web for a table. The money that these BBQ sites want are triple of what the should be way over priced! I didn't want to make a summer project out of a jr table so bought a JD whiskey 1/2 barrel and flipped it !
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