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  1. Greetings everyone, and Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. I obtained a used “C” Model Vision Grill from a gentleman in my neighborhood. It is in good shape, but not been used for a couple of years. Upon getting it home, I noticed he had not removed the ash for quite some time, and there was some moisture in the ash drawer. This was probably due to being exposed to the weather. I have cleaned it up to a certain degree, but cannot remove the Ash Drawer from the bottom square opening. I have tried jiggling, slightly lifting the assembly, and tapping it all to no avail. Additionally, he admittedly attempted to pry out the tray and chipped the ceramic on the lower, left side of the exterior. Not bad, but I hope to avoid doing it again. I do not want to create a bigger problem but want to free up the ash drawer to finish cleaning the grill, removing all ash and moisture and get it fired up for the family. Is it safe to tap the rounded end of the ash tray, from the inside, or get it freed up while avoiding cracking or am I stuck? I simply wanted to ask the experts and fellow fire lighters with much more Kamado style grill experience for their advice. Thanks for any insight anyone can provide. Frosty
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