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  1. that's a lot....base on the pictures i attached, the way that i set up the Inkbird WiFi Thermometer are correct? Thanks
  2. i find suggestion on the web, which is https://grillbum.com/2020/07/03/how-to-calibrate-your-kamado-joe-thermometer/
  3. off topic question...is it normal that i need to Calibrate Your Kamado Joe Thermometer? Seem like is off 50°F......
  4. thanks for the input that's similar to how much i adjusted ....when the temperature keep going up and i try to close it up little by little.
  5. First attempt on kamado joe Jr and having little hard time to stay with 250°F... The temperature keep going up even if i just open less than a finger gap on the bottom vent Attached pictures of how much charcoal I put.... Is it way too much for 2 hrs cooked with low temp❓ Please correct me or give me suggestion how to improve myself Turn out pretty good but still need a lot of practices Thanks
  6. Might i ask you, end up where did you pick up the ceramic feet? I am on the same boat as you looking to build my own table with ceramic feet Thanks for the help
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