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    I am a nerd. I love to cook with Coleman camp stoves, in cast iron skillets and dutch ovens, and with rangetop smokers. I'm into electronics like the Arduino and RaspberryPi platforms. I've gotten into primitive camping of late, and love spending nights under my Whelen Lean-to fashioned out of a plastic tarp. I also follow the Nebraska Unicameral (state legislature) and legal cases that might end up at SCOTUS. I spent 9 years in the Navy, 3 years studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and have been married to the most awesome wifey in the world for 10 years.
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  1. This was my reaction as well. Looking forward to playing with the base recipe
  2. TL;DR - Homemade apple wood smoked jalapeno bacon is easy and awesome! (http://chaosinthekitchen.com/2010/10/home-cured-jalapeno-bacon/) My wife and I have a Red Beans and Bacon dish we absolutely love, that we've always made with jalapeno bacon sourced from a local supermarket. Unfortunately during pandemic-times they stopped carrying it, and they don't know if it will ever come back. We were nearly resigned to using "normal" bacon, until I found the recipe from Chaos in the Kitchen (above). We picked up a 3.5# skin-on pork belly from the local Super Saver, made up the brining solution, and parked it all in the cold box for a week. Then smoked it at 200F to internal temp of 150F with a chunk of apple wood. In order to slice it, I put the finished bacon in the freezer for 40 min, which allowed me to cut 'thin enough' strips with a sharp knife for burgers. For the Red Beans and Bacon, I cut 1/4" strips, then knocked those down into lardons. The bacon had more jalapeno flavor than heat. We might try adding some birdseye pepper power to subsequent attempts to amp it up a bit. Here's Alton Browns Red Beans recipe we modified (we omit the rice entirely and instead serve dish with deluxe cornbread, and we substitute the pickled pork with jalapeno bacon): https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/red-beans-and-rice-recipe-1943443 [In some of the comments on the DIY bacon page, folks mentioned it's "not really" bacon because it hasn't been "cured". Perhaps that's correct, but my bacon lasted 7 days in fridge just fine post smoking, so I think I'm good with the finished product regardless of the name]
  3. I will be watching this post like a hawk for @Daz's announcement the wifi comparable units are for sale. If they had a "sign up to be notified" type thingie on the BBQube website, I'd be all over it. Looks like a great product, and I'm happy to support a fellow Maker
  4. We did a pair of half chickens over a pan of veg (red/yellow new potatoes, carrots, mushroom, OO, fresh thyme). 400F, indirect (using the 3-legged deflector thing) and raised (with bricks), 95 mins for the chicken - Skin needed to be more crispy, but meat had a wood-fired taste. Gave veg an extra 30 mins, but was still kinda firm in texture (wife and I would both have liked them *just* slightly softer). A small bit of chicken broth or other liquid (beer?) will be in our next attempt. We used a "Famous Dave's" rub on the chicken (held in fridge for 4 hrs). Mopped every 10 mins with a white vinegar, S&P, red pepper flake, jalp and onion mop sauce (this is what makes this my absolute favorite chicken!). Veg featured an "Ozark Seasoning" from a spice box from Penzeys's we were gifted, and some fresh squeezed lemon juice. I'd say 6.85 out of 10. Room for improvement - but the bones of this dish are good. I think we're both excited about learning how to employ the kamado to make yummy food.
  5. Hello All! My name is Woody, and I have just purchased my first ceramic cooker. This forum helped me learn about who might have made Snap-On branded cooker (likely a Brinkman knockoff of a Vision), and has really got me chomping at the bit to get cooking with it! Unfortunately, the thing is absolutely filthy on the inside and the lid is mis-aligned (but the cart is solid, and probably just about worth the $200 I put down on the whole rig). So, I've been spending some time getting the lid mating surfaces cleaned up to accept a new gasket, and will then tackle the alignment issue. After that I will do a clean burn in to get my ceramics clean again. And then... probably do some chicken, then some ribs, and then a chuck roast I have 10 or so years of experience cooking in cast iron and over hibachi style grills. I'm really hoping to learn and have success with low-and-slow cooking, and also pizza baking. I'm so very much looking forward to the road ahead, and being involved with this forum. Thanks for reading, and for having me [I haven't dealt with them yet, but other users on this forum have purchased things from The Ceramic Grill Store, from the options available for the Vision Classic B. After I get a few cooks behind me, I'll decide if I want new toys for the inside.] https://ceramicgrillstore.com/collections/vision-pro-classic-b-grill-accessories-by-ceramic-grill-store
  6. Hello Everyone, Just wanted to say 'hi' from Nebraska, and mention that I too, have this Snap-On cooker. Purchased for $200 used, the thing is filthy and the lid is mis-aligned. Currently working on getting the lid mating surfaces cleaned up for a new gasket, and then will be doing a clean-burn in to get the ceramics clean again. From the research I did, it does appear to be manufactured by Brinkman like the above user mentioned. It also seems that accessories for the Vison Classic B cooker may fit the Snap-on: https://ceramicgrillstore.com/collections/vision-pro-classic-b-grill-accessories-by-ceramic-grill-store . After I get mine all cleaned up and a few cooks behind me, I'll start thinking about new toys for the insides. Looking forward to being a part of this forum, and learning to use my egg.
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