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  1. Thanks @SmallBBQr that's pretty much how I relit it this morning. It's the usual you live and learn right. Once it the grill temp was steady it was pretty much hands off. Pulled pork turned out pretty awesome in the end
  2. Decided to foil at 11 as they seemed to have stalled around 174 degrees. Going to up the dome temp to 300 now there wrapped, still aiming to get them off the grill in the next 1 to 2 hours
  3. So started my first overnight cook (two 5 1/2 pound pork shoulders) on my Weber summit kamado very early this morning. Planned for 10-12 hours at 225-250 so it could get rested and pulled for an early dinner at 4pm. We're hosting a baby shower for my sister in law so want plenty of food without me standing over the BBQ too much whilst people are here. I've been finding sourcing large pork cuts tricky here in the UK but spotted 2.5 kg pork shoulders in costco so picked a couple up. Did a basic rub of salt, sugar, paprika, garlic powder, chilli and sage. Left the cuts to sweat for a couple of hours and got the grill set up. I had some problems getting the temperature stable in the first place, I was aiming to start the grill about 11 and get the meat on for midnight. I overshot the temp, I think because I added too much lit coal, so spent untill 1am getting the temp back down and stable. I put the meat on at about 12.30am. Not planning to look at the grill again until the morning. Got woken up by the kids so checked the temperatures at about 3 am and all was good. This morning I woke up at 8 to find the fire had gone out. Looks like either the ash from my briquettes had blocked the lower air intake or I'd set the vents too low in the first place. Think I'll try lumpwood next time and see if that's better. I've got the grill back up to temperature now (about 9.30am) and fingers crossed 4/5 more hours will do it. Internal temp has just hit 152 so I'm pretty sure it should still be fine. The dome is currently at 260 which is slightly higher than I want but probably not a bad thing all things considered. I wasn't planning to wrap the meat when it hit the stall but now am thinking it might be a good idea. I think I'll see where it's at at 11am. Atmospheric picture of the grill being lit and the pork shoulders going on from last night: Will update with how they turn out later
  4. Thanks for the reply, I've got an E6. I think I will get on to Weber before fiddling with the hinge. It's usable currently but way harder to lift than I feel it should be. The lid holds itself in any position, but takes a lot of muscle to lift the first bit. I was hoping it would be something that just settles down quite quickly but it sounds like it's probably over tensioned.
  5. Just had a new summit delivered to replace a cracked ceramic kamado. I've only managed one cook on it so far. Does the hinge mechanism loosen up a little with use? I'm finding it really stiff (to the point where I'm lifting the grill up when trying to open the lid). I can't see anything in the manual about adjusting the tension. Has anyone had this problem and either found it fixed it's self, or had to adjust the hinge? Thanks for any help!
  6. Hi, I've been browsing the forum for a while but have only just gotten around to creating an account. I really enjoyed the book of knowledge and browsing the forums. Thanks for putting together a really useful resource.
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