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  1. Thanks. Frustrating situation honestly.
  2. Hey guys- received an iKamand v2 for Christmas. The first one died after say 1.5 month if very light usage (am in eastern Canada, it’s cold in January!). No other reason than a plain fault from what I know. Thankfully KJ customer service is 10/10 so they sent me a new one. Thing is that second one died yesterday in the middle of a cook. It had a few connection issues at the beginning, and then it just fully powered off - RIP. Took extreme care of the device and probes. Have other people here had such dramatic issues with their iKamand v2? Also, they’ve been replacing because it’s under warranty. What happens when it isn’t anymore, I just lose my (wife’s) $400 CAD?
  3. Thanks Keeperovtheflame! Very helpful.
  4. Thanks everyone. Appreciate the feedback. Re: requirements, rather a budget requirement than a size requirement. That’s why I was going with the Spirit series! Will let you know what I end up getting.
  5. Hi everyone - first post here. I'm a big fan and reader of all Kamado-related cooking and recipe threads... but now it's time for me to ask about non-kamado grills. My weekday cooks used to be on my Weber classic charcoal. Now Life is forcing me to add a logistic-friendly gas grill, replacing the Weber and sidelining the Kamado which will be mostly used on weekends. Looking for a small 2 or at the very max 3 burner grill, and more importantly, looking for your recommendations. For now the Weber Spirit E-215 is top of list but I haven't looked much, FWIW. Thx
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