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  1. Does anyone know if the Kontrol Tower Top can be put on an Akorn? Or does anyone happen to have the dimensions for the Kontrol Tower Top? The wheel on my akorn gets fused shut everytime I do a high heat cook like pizza and I need to use a hammer to get it unstuck. Also it seems to seal pretty poorly but I can fix that with some high temp silicone I'd image. What say you?
  2. Nice score! I ended up just ordering the KJ diffuser set for like $50. I figured it's what it was designed for so may as well. Yup. The DoJoe for the Classic size. Fits just fine thankfully.
  3. I didn't use the Akorn smoke stone. I used the the full DoJoe accessory with the KJ heat deflectors on the bottom level and the pizza stone that comes with the DoJoe on the top level. It's build to have some space between the two layers and seems to work really well.
  4. I've been doing a bunch of experimenting with my new Akorn to see just how versatile it is and I'm really happy with it so far. This was the first time doing pizza on it and everyone at the house was impressed. I may go about 30 seconds longer on the next cook but it was a great start. Bought the DoJoe betting it would fit based on the joetisserie fitting and it sure does! Fits great and seals up fine. I do have nomex gasket on the bottom and the factory on the top of the cooking zone (same for the ash pan). With the bottom vent wide open and the top vent closed the DoJoe was happily rolling along at 650 degrees. Dough was a 70% overnight Ken Forkish recipe from his Pizza book. I'm happy to say I don't think I need to try to build a pizza oven now, but time will tell.
  5. Thanks! I'm down in Attleboro. You? Thanks!
  6. Hey All, Long time bbq and smoker user but just got my first Kamado style a couple weeks ago. It's an Akorn and so far I'm really liking it! I've got a few KJ accessories for it so far and going to be trying them out this weekend. Seems like it's going to be a really versatile addition to the lineup on the patio. Also use a weber kettle, weber gasser, and a home build UDS. Saw a bunch of great tips here and wanted to join up and hopefully contribute as well. Thanks for having a great place!
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