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  1. Hi guys. I'm planning to do an over the top chilli on my Vision grill. I did a search and no one seems have posted on it yet. Anyhow I was thinking of mixing some chopped bacon in with the ground beef before my smoke. Anyone tried this? Is it too much considering that I'm smoking the hamburger first? Any thoughts?
  2. Any advice on the clearance between the lip of the drip pan and the grill. I started with this topic because the lip of Smokeware pan is flush with my grill. I've been looking at cake pans and they seem to have a similar depth. I want to get an idea of how deep I can go and still have enough clearance for a good air flow.
  3. I just got some bad news. I live in Canada and CGS doesn't ship here. I was planning on ordering the drip pan and half moon heat diffusers.
  4. I've got a Vision grill and the sides of the smokeware seem too high. The lip comes in contact with my grill plate. Isn't this going to interrupt air flow? Anyone had experience with the pan from Ceramic Grill Store?
  5. So it's okay? I haven't burnt them? What a relief. Everything tasted great. When I've done pork ribs. The bark was a deep reddish brown. I expected something similar with the beef ribs. Thanks.
  6. I smoked some beef ribs for the first time. The whole process seemed to go like clockwork. I set it up for an 8 hour cook with pecan chunks. I dialed the temperature at 225 degrees. I sprayed the bark with a mix of apple juice and apple cider vinegar. As I neared the end, I took them out at the 7 hour mark with the thermometer between 195 and 205 at 3 places in the meat. The cook seemed perfect except for the bark. It was black as if it was burnt. The meat itself was perfect, succulent with a good bite and had a great smoke ring. But the bark was black. It didn't really taste burnt. The bark was by no means dried out. Any ideas? Is it possible that it was rub itself that burned but not the meat? The picture is the last piece left over. My family devoured the rest. I'd like to figure out what I may have done wrong, to not do it again. Thanks for any advice.
  7. I got my Pro S a month ago and have been having trouble with managing the temperature as well. I'm sure that a lot of it comes from lack of experience, but given the fact that leaks around the ash door seem so common, I want to be sure all the bases are covered. To know if in fact I have a leak or not, once I shut down all the valves, how long should it take for the grill to go out and cool down?
  8. Is it my imagination or does it look longer than a usually kamado. Is it possible that it is some sort of tandoor? I hear that their fireboxes are deeper than a kamado.
  9. Don't know if you bought your BBQ yet, but you can get a Broil King Keg from Tanguay. Its $1k Canadian. (All of the Kamados are over priced in Canada) Its metal like the Acorn. Or the Vision Grill Classic at Canadian Tire, also $1k. Its ceramic.
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