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  1. I'm thinking about cutting the legs on my Akorn in order to sit it on a table. I thought about taking them off completely & building the table with a hole in it to hold the Akorn, but due to the limited space for the table that won't work. Any suggestions &/or advice on cutting the legs? Thanks!
  2. What temps are you cooking your pizzas? Also, I'm assuming you're doing the cooking on the Kamado Joe? TIA
  3. Didn't cover it & used metal bread pans. Tastes fantastic!
  4. Yeah, I don't have a stoneware pan, either. I like the improvised pan you made! Question: Did you cover your homemade pan for the 1st 25 minutes & then cook uncovered for 10? I want to make this to go with my pork loin for New Years Day. TIA & Happy New Year to all!
  5. Wow....look at the $1,000+ grill you got there. It sure is a grill. I'll give you a call when I give a crap...
  6. Just saw this. Looks good. About how long did you cook the loin?
  7. All great tips in this thread. Thanks for posting. I'm going to try some of the suggestions & will cook a breast. I'm going to get the Acorn to settle in at ~300. Now for the $25,000 question: How long - estimate - should I expect to cook a 7lb bone in breast to take to hit 165-170 internal temp? My wife is in charge of entertaining so I'm doing all of the cooking so I'm trying to map out my time schedule. TIA and Happy Thanksgiving to all!
  8. Like some have said, I like using wood chips and/or smaller pieces of wood for flavoring. The problem I have is mixing charcoal with the chips and/or chunks. By that I mean, I might want to cook pork with apple wood today & a chuck roast with pecan tomorrow. I don't want to mix it with the charcoal & then have to figure it out after each cook. I would love to hear what other people are doing...
  9. That's almost exactly what I've been using. I use crushed fresh garlic instead of garlic powder & chopped fresh basil (both Italian & pepper basil).
  10. I can't take credit for this as I read it in a thread here: Put the temperature probes through the top vent opening instead of between the top & bottom. Just make sure you have enough wire when you open the lid. You could disconnect & reconnect the probes when you open & close the lid.
  11. That looks like the same stone/holder I have (Walmart?). Anyway, I tried a Thai-chicken pizza last night using the stone for the 1st time. The pizza was good, but it stuck to the stone in some places. I made the pizza on the stone & put it on the grill with no deflector & the temp at ~450. I thought with the cornmeal on the stone it wouldn't have stuck but it did. Are you guys putting the pizza stone on the grill, heating it up & then putting the pizza on the hot stone? I've done this Thai-chicken pizza on a pizza pan & it's always turned out very well. I thought I'd try the stone to see if I got better results, but it was not as good as using the pan.
  12. It's a local thing. In my area I've seen new stock in HD, Lowes, Kroger and Walmart. I guess. But I found it odd the same store that had it last year (and sold out of them - I bought the last 1...floor model) isn't carrying it all this year.
  13. I noticed the Kroger near me is not selling the Akorn this year. This is the same store where I purchased mine last year around July 4th at 50% off. Also, I haven't seen it in the local Home Depot or Lowe's this year, either.
  14. That looks delicious. I've been wanting to try this for a while. How much did it weigh & how long was it on the grill?
  15. I've been using wine corks (the real ones, not rubber) soaked in alcohol. I keep them in a jar and cut one in half when I need to start a fire.
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