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  1. Len440 good tip. I was not aware of the poor man’s brisket until I made the corned beef mixup. Some of my searches led me down that path. I had a nice angus chuck I grabbed a while back sitting in the freezer. Cooked it like brisket yesterday. I have to say it was a hit here. I do think it could have been allowed to slow cook a bit longer to render the fat down a bit more but overall very satisfying and a big hit. Next attempt will be total victory. Smoked with lump, pecan, and a touch of cherry. rubbed with sweet rub o mine and finished with a little Texas rub. I tell everyone I know about this great bbq I found called “battle tested” we love to top it off with this delicious veteran owned sauce! Probably best I’ve ever had.
  2. Good info. I was afraid of that. My gut was telling me to go for the massive slab but I took a chance on going this route. well lesson learned. Stick with the primal cut and avoid the corned beef as it is no substitute. Well I can’t say that until I try it but I don’t doubt your wisdom there.
  3. Go easy on me fellas I am very new to brisket (have never cooked one) so my first attempt may be a complete failure. a friend tipped me off that Kroger had slabs 1.99 a lb today. A steal for sure. I went to grab one but they were way bigger than I wanted to pay for to practice. I spoke to the butcher and he said to try one of the corned beef briskets. On impulse I believed him and came home with what is a perfect starter brisket size. Now I have never eaten corned beef. Once I got home I started researching and I fear I have made a terrible mistake. however I have read some promising suggestions to soak in water changing the water every 2 hours for 8 hours to pull the brine out. not sure if I will be mocked mercilessly or encouraged on this course of action. Also any suggested bbq rub techniques? I read a traeger post on how to do it with a sauce rub. Open to suggestions. Fairly certain I won’t get that cowboy classic brisket out of this but I’d like something my wife will eat lol. https://www.traeger.com/recipes/smoked-corned-brisket
  4. Very sharp. Like the lighting a lot. I am working on one for mine. Still planning right now. Will probably do it now that it’s cooling down here in KY. The squat caveman cooking method is for the birds. I want that baby elevated! Thinking of a nice heavy gloss finish on the cedar top for mine. Wood was milled on my grandfathers land back in the day. plan to make the base a little more simple and paint it solid with a clear coat. Probably black. I would like to have a nice over head for it as well but we will see. No major rush there. Was thinking of pricing some waterproof overhead canvas and making a canopy for it. It would be nice to have outdoor cooks when weather was less hospitable.
  5. Very true lol! Life is too short to miss out on a good bbq lol
  6. Sunday’s cook on the 15” lifesmart komado! Half rack Memphis, half rack Carolina style. They were delicious!! found this beautiful slab on sale at Kroger for 9.03 a STEAL!
  7. That looks delicious. I have seen those chicken cookers, always makes me laugh.
  8. All look on Etsy. Tons of reasonably priced custom made ones there if you want pot feet!
  9. Got up at 5am yesterday and started my cook to be safe. First time and I was very pleased with the results. My wife has been enjoying it a lot. I had to go to the Texas crutch once I hit about 179 but it worked out very nice. Very tender and moist with the right amount of smoke for my taste. That rub I used was very good. Kroger private selections Kansas City recipe. sweet and a little savory. IMG_5062.MOV
  10. What are all you patriots cookin this weekend to celebrate our great nations birthday? I am going in on a Boston butt, first time ever so here’s hoping it turns out good. Kansas City rub with a sweet Carolina sticky fingers sauce for topping once pulled. Going sweet and smoky. Using pecan wood for the smoke. Got up at 5 am and started my cook. Once pulled I plan to serve on brioche buns.
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