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  1. Very sharp. Like the lighting a lot. I am working on one for mine. Still planning right now. Will probably do it now that it’s cooling down here in KY. The squat caveman cooking method is for the birds. I want that baby elevated! Thinking of a nice heavy gloss finish on the cedar top for mine. Wood was milled on my grandfathers land back in the day. plan to make the base a little more simple and paint it solid with a clear coat. Probably black. I would like to have a nice over head for it as well but we will see. No major rush there. Was thinking of pricing some waterproof overhead canvas and making a canopy for it. It would be nice to have outdoor cooks when weather was less hospitable.
  2. Very true lol! Life is too short to miss out on a good bbq lol
  3. Sunday’s cook on the 15” lifesmart komado! Half rack Memphis, half rack Carolina style. They were delicious!! found this beautiful slab on sale at Kroger for 9.03 a STEAL!
  4. That looks delicious. I have seen those chicken cookers, always makes me laugh.
  5. All look on Etsy. Tons of reasonably priced custom made ones there if you want pot feet!
  6. Got up at 5am yesterday and started my cook to be safe. First time and I was very pleased with the results. My wife has been enjoying it a lot. I had to go to the Texas crutch once I hit about 179 but it worked out very nice. Very tender and moist with the right amount of smoke for my taste. That rub I used was very good. Kroger private selections Kansas City recipe. sweet and a little savory. IMG_5062.MOV
  7. What are all you patriots cookin this weekend to celebrate our great nations birthday? I am going in on a Boston butt, first time ever so here’s hoping it turns out good. Kansas City rub with a sweet Carolina sticky fingers sauce for topping once pulled. Going sweet and smoky. Using pecan wood for the smoke. Got up at 5 am and started my cook. Once pulled I plan to serve on brioche buns.
  8. I was fortunate enough to have nandos while in Washington DC a few years back. Possibly the best chicken I’ve ever eaten. I can get the sauce at my local Kroger, I make a mean nandos peri peri quesadilla with it. Can’t wait to do chicken with this on my new kamado.
  9. Jack, thank you that answers my question perfectly hope all your dishes turn out well this weekend!!
  10. I do have one question for 5he weekend cook. My temp gauge shows outside temp. Do I need to account for that or just take it to 250 for a smoke.
  11. Thank you len440. You are most welcome. glad to be aboard and ready to smoke some meats!
  12. Thank you Jeffieboy! I will definitely send some pics. Really looking forward to this build.
  13. Thank you for the book just finished reading it page for page! It instantly answered a lot of questions I had and reassured me that this was indeed my place of buisness. I have always wanted to be a meat smoker but never wanted the fuss of a traditional smoker. Let the Kamado do all the work! After all isn’t that why he costs so much lol. Never cared for long cooks simply lacked patience. But with this fire and forget j may come around to it. Can’t do a big shoulder but a small one should work just fine. truly appreciate this share and the warm welcome. Hope I can earn my keep around here
  14. Good day all. I have a 15” life smart Kamado I just purchased. I’m very impressed so far with the quality and price. Wanted to get a nice starter kamado before I go dropping heavy Kamado prices. Any advice on acessories that are compatible with this peticular model? 13” cook surface I would like a better diffuser plate and something to adjust the height so I can add a drip pan. not sure if anyone on here has any experience with these and some of the options that work for them. thanks all! Happy grilling!
  15. Thank you Golf Griller! haven’t decided on the theme yet, university of Kentucky basketball or military theme. army veteran. I like to put some extras on my projects to set apart so stay tuned.
  16. I would definitely consider a nice outdoor deck stain with a top coat of marine varnish. Waterproofing is essential, also if you have any gapping in your wood I would hit with a clear bead of silicone and do a finger swipe. Nooks and crannies on outdoor wood are chinks in your armor. before you know it you are scrapping your hard work due to rot. Also not sure if you plan to cover the entire unit or let it weather outside in the elements. All things to think about. If you buy a big enough cover weatherproofing isn’t as big of a concern.
  17. Thinking of making my own ash scraper out of stainless sheet metal cut and shaped with cedar hand made handle. already have the cedar and stainless. Just need some ace hardware copper rivets to affix the handle. What do y’all think?
  18. Good day to all. I just received my first kamado grill, the lifesmart 15” grill. I am very enthusiastic to see what this little guy can do. Primarily chose based on quality/price ratio as a starter. I already have some nice milled cedar from my family’s farmland that I will be making myself a stand with. I am a avid wood worker so this should go very well. I do have a lot of questions as I have never smoked meat. Only owned gas and a few Weber kettles over the years. Already have a nice remote probe on the way.
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