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  1. With the Classic III, is the next gasket the new mesh, or is it still felt? When I added a Kontrol Tower to my Classic I, it was horribly loose. I replaced the felt gasket with mesh and the fit is great now, but it made it a costly upgrade. I have lots of mech left, but not enough to replace the main gaskets, which is a shame.

  2. I bought the kontrol tower as a replacement for my classic I. I found that it was a very loose fit with the felt gasket. It kinda worked but worried about it falling off. I have since replaced the felt gasket with the mesh gasket and now it's a great fit. However, buying the mesh gasket seems like a very costly way to fix this, especially as the replacement mesh gasket kit seems to provide only enough material to replace the main gaskets and not the neck gasket. Not sure if there is a separate kit for the neck gasket, but I could not find one. Perhaps they assume that will never wear out.

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