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  1. Wanted to follow this up for anyone else in Canada that ends up looking. Found two places that would supply accessories. 1. Auplex on Alibaba - fairly straightforward to order from them and I had never bought off Alibaba before. Brace yourself for the shipping costs. I bought a divide and conquer, rotisserie and a pile of accessories (grid gripper, gloves, wireless thermometer, etc.) and it was about 600USD incl shipping and made it to my door in two weeks. Pretty happy overall and it all looks to be good quality aside from the gloves possibly but they were only $5 to add on so why not. 2. BJs Country Market - their site doesn’t list any pit boss accessories so I reached out to see what they could do. After I already ordered everything from Auplex they said they could order in some LG K24 accessories with their next shipment but it might not be for a while as it depends when they restock. Asked for a quote on a kick ash basket/bucket and a few other things but haven’t heard back. One example of something they offer below. https://www.bjscountrymarket.com/products/pitboss-spider-24-inch-kamado?_pos=30&_sid=8fe37c9c5&_ss=r Hopefully someone else finds this helpful!
  2. From the link below I was thinking a woo ring, a couple half stone heat deflectors, the adjustable rig combo and a kick ash basket /w can. Something similar that fits these grill types would be great but from my understanding the BGE XL and big joe accessories don’t work on a K24. https://ceramicgrillstore.com/collections/pit-boss-24-kamado-grill-costco
  3. Hey All, Just picked up a K24 from Costco last week after looking for a Kamado for the last 4 months. They’re $749 vs the roughly $3k for a BGE or KJ of a similar size. The only part I’m struggling with now is accessories. Does anyone know where to buy them in Canada? Talked to ceramicgrills.com and they don’t ship internationally and their Canadian retailer won’t stock any K24 parts. Any help is very much appreciated! Cheers, Dan
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