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  1. Thanks John, downloaded and starting to read. Cheers again
  2. Looking forward to trying this higher air flow technique with limited fuel. Very interesting.
  3. Thank you for the chunk review. Eye opener really. Picture from Jealous Devil web site.
  4. James, Great tips there. Like so many of the Guru's here, these tips are huge time saving learning tips. Spending a day playing with the settings of the Kamado Joe Jr just to see how the different settings affect the stabilized temperatures. I know its not necessary to do an initial burn but its fun playing with the settings to figure out what they do. "Experience and Practice" are words to live by.
  5. WOW, all great tips here. This is my go to guy: "Experience and Practice" is what the man said.
  6. Thanks so much for the video Thermapen One is the new Boss on the block I believe David
  7. looks like there are some Kamado Jr fans. SWEET I will try it thanks
  8. Greetings, New member to the forum and I have been spending a lot of time learning about Kamado style cooking. I went down to the BBQ Galore here in Pasadena where they told me that the Big Joe did not ship as planned and was not on the container which was scheduled to arrive this week. Possibly another 8-12 weeks before delivery of the Kamado Big Joe III. Yikes!!! The entire summer will be toast gone kaput in the bank gone girl. So, what to do. My older gas grill is dead so I am without a BBQ fix. The Kamado Joe Jr is available locally so I have been thinking of getting it for use now during the summer while I am waiting for the Big Joe III. Having both the Jr and the Big Joe seams like the best of both ends of the Kamado Joe line from what I have seen in YouTube. I'm a YouTube sucker so please forgive my ignorance. The Kamado Joe Classic III is available now but at this point I would prefer to wait for the Big Joe. It is disappointing having to wait. I am wondering what the wisdom of the forum has to say about my situation here. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration. David
  9. Greetings, Just joined the forum. Been listening and learning all about the Kamado Joe JR and Big Joe III. I have a question that I will post about the availability of the Big Joe III Thanks for reading David
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