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  1. Sorry! That would have been good information to include! I’m asking $1750 when selling direct (and avoiding things like eBay fees).
  2. I've got a vintage Kamado cooker, #5 size, that I'd like to sell to someone who would appreciate it. We got it from my in-laws' anticipating using it for regular grilling, but a little investigation made clear that these are not for high-temp cooking. Let me know via DM if you're interested. I'm in North Carolina, and am open to shipping, but obviously pickup would be easier/less expensive.
  3. My father in law, who lived in Japan for quite some time, imported a kinuurayaki #5 in the 70s. It sat in his garage since then, unused and still packaged. We would talk every now and again about using it, but never got around to it. He passed away a few months ago, and we brought the kamado home, excited about the prospect of cooking on it. We've since discovered (from threads here) that it's made of clay, and can't be used the way we had intended. We were thinking pizzas and the like. So now I'd love to sell it to someone who would appreciate it and not crack it. It's big and heavy though. Any thoughts on the best way to get it in front of prospective buyers?
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