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  1. NICE ride!
  2. Outstanding!!! Traeger? The meat color gives it away
  3. Those look great!!!
  4. Super excited to see you put this to use, Justin! The quality of your pics/presentation as you unveil the 2017 KJBJ is amazingly impressive!
  5. WOW! The meat! The moisture! The RING!!! Dang say you nailed it would be a gross understatement!!!
  6. Very nice cook Ryan!!!! Seems you and T are gettin' along just fine
  7. Dang!!! We have a local meat market that sells killer Prime filets. Also have a few Sprouts around. Now I've gotta compare
  8. Recipe? Looks outstanding!
  9. WOW!!! You surely aren't wasting any time in getting to know JOE
  10. We are a sick!!
  11. Probably use my grills equally. With a busy family though, I definitely use the MAK for most of my low n slow cooking. And the be honest, i'd probably be very content if a MAK 2 Star were my only cooker.
  12. Nicely done! Impossible to beat the simplicity of a pellet muncher! And the food...YUM!
  13. What a blast! Congrats Cue!!
  14. Outstanding!!! You make us proud