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  1. I am on Johns side with this one... I have tried WiFi on more than one type of cooker including my current pellet pooper. Not for me! One more layer of “something to go wrong” and I personally find the cooking process much more enjoyable when I am connected in person with it :) I know there are plenty of guys that love their WiFi setup and that’s cool! To each their own :)
  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of pellet cooking Freddy!
  3. Nice score! I absolutely my 36 and 17" BS griddles!!!! They also make for a simple and very effective reverse sear station
  4. Man, that Yoder is pumping out some mighty fine eats
  5. Now we're talking!! Looks fantastic
  6. Nice video John! Ready and waiting for you to start cooking.
  7. @john setzler Have you fired that bad boy up yet with protein on it?
  8. Very nice review, John! Soooo looking forward to seeing you put this beast to good use!
  9. I have heard nothing but praise for Lumberjack. [emoji106]
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