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  1. rwalters

    Pellet Grill Owners?

    I cook on a MAK, and absolutely love it!
  2. rwalters

    Pulled the traeger !

    Welcome to the wonderful world of pellet cooking Freddy!
  3. Howdy fellow gurus! Thought some of you may want to hear my experiences with my new BBQ Guru CyberQ wifi setup... Ordered my CyberQ from www.bbqguys.com on Friday 6/28. It arrived on Wednesday July 10th (a bit longer than expected, but I do know that this is their BUSY season... so no biggie). Unboxed the unit upon arrival... everything was in perfect condition. Put it back in box til this past Saturday. Saturday morning... took everything out of box... plugged unit in... and had my phone connected to it in adhoc mode within a couple of minutes (very easy)! Next, I attempted to take it out of adhoc mode, and switch over to Infrastructure mode... to assist with this step, I decided to follow the instructions outlined at www.nakedwhiz.com... not knowing what to expect (after reading LOTS of different experiences on the internet), I was pleasantly surprised to have my wireless router and CyberQ completely configured and 100% functional within 15 minutes :-) Yes, I can now see what Big Joe is up to from anywhere in the world. Pretty cool. Soooo, is it worth the $$? Honestly, I can set-it-and-forget-it without the assistance of any type of stoker... HOWEVER, with that said, I was thrilled by the ease and peace of mind that I experienced this past weekend. We had a very busy weekend, and we were able to eat GOOD without me having to do much more than light Big Joe/ let lump get going for 5 minutes/ hook up the CyberQ and let it completely take over temp control/ throw food on Big Joe (chicken on Saturday, Ribs on Sunday), watch the progress from my iPhone/ and return when ready to pull off. The temp control is amazing! What I like best is the fact that I can light Big Joe and only have to spend 5 minutes waiting for the lump to ignite... from there I can turn the remainder of the cook over to the Cyber Q, and go about doing other things. If we didn't have kids and a super busy schedule, I would probably not be quite as excited about my new purchase... but with 6 kids, and a crazy schedule, I am THRILLED to have an assistant! Hope this experience helps those of you that may be on the fence re: the purchase of an ATC.
  4. rwalters

    2 Burner Table Top Griddle

    Nice score! I absolutely my 36 and 17" BS griddles!!!! They also make for a simple and very effective reverse sear station
  5. rwalters

    Some Bangin' Beef Short Ribs

    Man, that Yoder is pumping out some mighty fine eats
  6. rwalters

    Searing Steaks on the Yoder YS640

    Nicely done, John!!
  7. rwalters

    Yoder Bacon

    Nicely done John!!!!!!
  8. If yes, whatcha use it for? What are their strengths/weaknesses? What brand/model do you recommend? I've never used one, but I know many swear by them. Bottom line...am I missing out, and do I NEED one?
  9. rwalters

    Beef Chuck Short Ribs

    Tuned in!!!!!
  10. rwalters

    First butt on the Yoder

    What's the pit temp?
  11. rwalters

    First butt on the Yoder

    Now we're talking!! Looks fantastic
  12. rwalters

    Yoder YS640 Video Demo Review Walk-Around

    Nice video John! Ready and waiting for you to start cooking.
  13. rwalters

    Pellet Grill Pork Burnt Ends

    WOW [emoji15]
  14. rwalters

    Yoder YS640 Competition Model Overview

    @john setzler Have you fired that bad boy up yet with protein on it?
  15. rwalters

    Yoder YS640 Competition Model Overview

    Very nice review, John! Soooo looking forward to seeing you put this beast to good use!
  16. rwalters

    Bringing in a Yoder

    I have heard nothing but praise for Lumberjack. [emoji106]
  17. rwalters

    Bringing in a Yoder

    What brand/type of pellets are you gonna be burning? My favorite is Cookinpellets perfect mix. I buy a mini bulk order straight from the manufacturer. 15 40lb bags shipped straight to my door, all individually boxed for $370.
  18. rwalters

    Bringing in a Yoder

    Congrats John!!!!! That is such a nice pellet grill!! Love the silver cart...my absolute favorite. Look forward to seeing you put your new "preferred" smoker to good use [emoji12]
  19. rwalters

    Thinking about buying a Subaru

    Nice car, John!!! Enjoy
  20. rwalters

    Happy 4th. Hotdogs & Apple Pie

  21. I know what you mean and I agree. Pellet smoked ribs are very hard to beat. I recently did these on my pellet muncher. They were honestly some of the best ribs I've ever had, and they were sooooo simple. Even a couple of my harshest (most honest) critics told me they were excellent.
  22. 14k posts and THAT meal?!?! Someone's livin' the dream [emoji41]
  23. Nice!! Yep, the 1 steak at a time is the biggest reason I haven't taken to the chimney sear. This has become my go to sear station...LOVE IT!! Blackstone Portable Table Top Camp Griddle, Gas Grill for Outdoors, Camping, Tailgating https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0195MZHBK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_HVTwzbDQ2H50P
  24. The sear on that hunk of beef is picture perfect. Nicely done!
  25. rwalters

    Design Features of Pellet Cookers

    Yep, that's a great resource!!! I read that several times during my research Almost starting to wonder if you are kinda-sorta looking/thinking about a new pellet muncher...hmmmm [emoji848]