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  1. LOL....So Funny. Every time we hear about Canadians (or even worst, Quebecers and make us sound like retarded while speakin), In American TV shows or movies, It's always like we are from the 1700's and still live in the woods . When I think about it.... that's almost true lol
  2. From Quebec city, You don't have to worry about it!
  3. I often use them, Pecan and Cherry are my go to... You'll find cheaper bags at BBQ Quebec but won't find "cheap" as you would in USA. Everytime I get to an American Walmart, cant believe how many brands of charcoals and chunks they have... From Quebec, I understand what you live.
  4. I understand your point. But first: is an half & half gasket going to work properly, without the latch and the right hinge. And honestly, I'm not Interested in having a FranKamado'enstein. I mean, half of it "original", and the other half second generation. Not designed to work together but it 'may" work. I want "full original gasket" or "full classic gasket". I think it's fair. Only sending me the right parts to upgrade the kamado would be so simple: upper gasket and new hinge. Would be cheaper and faster for them in shipping for sure, and they would have a satisfied customer. In worst case if something doesn't fit, why not sending me the top too, they already sent me two bases!
  5. Hi, little follow up ... It's more than four months now (19 weeks) and I'm still waiting. I received a base 2 weeks ago BUT it was a new one, with the mesh gasket (which I don't have). I called them back. First the told me to scrape the gasket..... Wasn't very happy with it... dirty job for a new part. So, they told me they'll send me another one, the good one. I asked them to send me a mesh gasket for my top and a new hinge instead to make it work and they refused (don't know if it was a technical problem or they just don't want). I received the second replacement base yesterday, same thing, mesh gasket. Still disapointed, still feel dropped by KJ.
  6. Finally, I should receive the bowl in august. I mean 3 months later....
  7. Hey guys, little follow up! I sent another email, askin for an update, and I received this answer today: "Thanks for reaching out to us and we apologize you are still waiting on your order. I checked on the order and they are giving a couple weeks lead time before it is shipped out to you" .......
  8. Are you in Canada? We don't have to get a poorer customer service because they decide to make changes to the design... In my mind, you keep parts of your old style or you simply provide the new style with everything necessary to make it work. When a bought my kamado Joe, I bought their warranty, peace of mind.
  9. Sounds like you are right on.... The last lady I spoke with seems 'interested' But no follow up. Will tell you guys how this evoluates..... if it does
  10. What make me mad, the most, is that I had to call them back to learn the item was back order.... Clearly, my case was in a crack.The last person told me she was going to take care of it, and nothing. Not an email, not a callback, nothing. And, my base is cracked, not my firebox, that's serious. Who would heat a cracked kamado to 800*? On a wooden deck? Verry irresponsible, and they told me to..... I had a beginning of rust on a weber kettle, where the leg meet the bowl. It was almost nothing. I asked them what they think? They sent me a new bowl, for the safety, 5 days later. That's customer service. I can understand it's a more marginal product, but they have to be to able to send replacement parts in a correct delay. And it's not a weird part, it's a full base. If i'd have the new model with the oven style gasket, my base would be already installed.... And by the way, it's not generationnal. I dont even use facebook and I'm 34. It's the first time I complaint about something on the web. I tought that share my story here could help people to know who they're dealing with, especially in Canada. A JOE or a Charcoal Summit... If you ask me, right now, guess my answer. I may sound frustrated, but honestly, i think it's beacause of my poor english vocabulary. I feel more disapointed than frustrated... And Phil Boyles, I also received very fast an email with an order with 0.00$..... But that's the last thing I heard from them.... unfortunately. Ben
  11. (877) 215-6299..... dont know who I was talking to but honestly, what a shame... I have an awesome grill on my deck but it's used as basket for my old charcoal from my kettles..... sometimes i open it and take few charcool soops to acook on an other grill....
  12. Hi everyone, I'm here to share with you a short story of what I'm living know with the Kamado Joe customer service. I bought a Joe Classic in 2013. On may 6th, i found a crack on the base of the joe, that run under it third way I'd say. May 7h, I received a order number for the replacement. And then, nothing. On june 4th, I asked for an update about my case by email, nobody took care of my request. June 8th, I called them to know what happened, the gril told me there was notihing but a conversation note.... she did not foud the order number. I gave it to her, and at this point she told me, it's not available for the moment.......... She told me she was going to take care of me and give me news shortly. Still nothing. They told me to continue cooking on it, nor risk. Would you cook on a cracked kamado guys? Nobody from kamado joe has ever called me back or sent me an email, except on may 7th for the order number..... I'm from Quebec city. When I sent my first email, we still had snow in our backyard here..... our summer are pretty short, and will be gone, soon. I bought a kamado joe because of their big warranty.... and now I'm wondering why. IAm I the only one living that kind of situation? If you kamado joe guys dont have the old base.... send me the new model with the new lid, dont make me wait for months, please, please.... Sorry for my dark message but I'm really disapointed actually. Ben
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