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  1. Welcome Andy! I am interested in hearing what you think of Kamado style between all your various smoker types once you are seasoned with it! Many I know locally jump on the pellet smoker train, maybe they do not like the work it takes on a Kamado.
  2. Welcome Jerry! Ahh New Zealand what a wonderful place. I saw you all recently went back on lockdown because you had one case of covid! Bravo!!! I love your work station with the KamadoJoe inside. When I move to a bigger place I am hoping to do something just like that! Those bao buns look freaking tasty! Looking forward to seeing you around the site.
  3. Welcome DJ! I got lucky and found a Kamado Joe Classic III locally at a home & hearth store outside of Seattle, was even already put together. :D How did the pizza turn out? I have been wanting to do one myself. So far I have smoked a boston butt, full ribs, wings, and been enjoying making my own bacon past month or so on it. :D Next challenge for me is to try smoking a green ham for making sandwich meat vs buying processed deli meat we have been.
  4. I gave them a ring and what I have today is a "Full Blood Berkshire Heritage Hog" So i guess that is pretty good, one article I read called them the Kobe of pork. also found this https://americanberkshire.com/history/
  5. For this time I was using a costco pork belly for the first time after seeing mention of them here and other sites. My first smoke I used a pork belly from my local butcher. I just got back from there actually and picked up a ham to try making my own deli ham. They said it was a "heritage" pig today not sure about other times. I need to look up what that means. :D
  6. Some of those are very nice ideas. this time I went to this maple recipe from AmazingRibs for 1/3 the pork belly. https://amazingribs.com/best-maple-bacon-recipe It turned out OK, partner said it needs more maple flavor. Both the other 2/3rds had base mix of pink salt/salt/dark brown sugar. One of the other 1/3rds was plain smoked using KJ coal, other I tried to use some apple wood, haven't tasted it yet. I smoked it after the other 2 1/3 rd slabs as to not crowd. I do not think im using other/flavored wood right though. Using some lump apple wood and i put it beside the piece i light and it either burns right through and smoke galore (too much) or doesn't catch at all. I need to read up more on using extra woods I guess.
  7. Greetings everyone! As I mentioned in my intro post my first homemade bacon try was a bit salty due to errors made. My latest try was awesome and it has been nice having a few slices per pack I vacuum sealed and froze I can just pull out when I want some. Now I think I want to try some other flavorings maybe Maple, what are some of your favorite homemade bacon recipes?
  8. Hello Everyone - I am new to smoking and grilling with a Kamado style grill and have really enjoyed it. I have been lurking here a bit and decided to join. I really appreciate the community forum away from big tech sites. So far I have smoked some pork butt, ribs w/tips, chicken wings, bacon. In the middle of my second bacon smoke as my first was a little too salty from some mistakes made, was great rendered into things. I am excited to expand to many other things and use this wonderful piece of equipment all year. Here are some details of my setup. grill: KamadoJoe Classic III fuel: KamadoJoe Big Block XL flavored fuel: apple wood chunks/chips temp monitoring: ThermoWorks Signals (had the iKamand but the fan made too much smoke for my small area to cook and close proximity to neighbors (city living am I right.)
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