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  1. That would be a major upgrade to the maverick and the igrill that Is in my inventory. I am finding myself using these less and less due to the Bluetooth range. Lately I've been using the flame boss when I am cooking on the Rec Tec (minus the fan cable) which works well for me. looking at your photo's I see no power cable so I am assuming that is is a self contained battery system with hopefully a rechargeable battery. That would speed up the set up to your cook a bit faster and less clutter in storage closet inbetween cooks. i am surprised that All Things Bbq said that the flame boss is not selling well it is a great product
  2. Lightning Brisket - What Now?

    I'm just curious, in your description you said you cut off the fat. Did you cut it all off or did you leave a 1/4 inch of the fat cap?
  3. Big Joe in a BMW X3?

    Maybe it would help if you took measurements of your cargo space in your BMW X3 and take your tape measure to Costco with you
  4. congrats on your new grill.
  5. Although the flame boss is wifi it does not need to be set thru the wifi connection. All settings can be done using the flame boss control box i have both, a digiQ DX2 and a flame boss 300, and I must say the flame boss is much easier to navigate thru the settings there fore flame boss would be my choice they both work as advertised so you won't go wrong with either choice but I like the flame boss the best
  6. I have been intrigued by pellet grills now but have had no experience with any. Recently I bought what I consider a entry level pellet grill thru Amazon.( i am not going to divulge the brand name because i have no desire to ill talk the company.) Needless to say I had nothing but troubles with it from the get go. I followed directions on how to season it and it performed just how they explained. Cooked something that night and then next day i lit grill up and was playing around with the temperature settings and seeing how close to the grill temp was compared to the settings. next thing i know the inside was engulfed in flames. so a few more days of experimenting with the temps and not being happy, I thought i had it figured out. Threw on a rack of ribs and 2 racks on the Kamado Joe just to see if any difference in smoke flavor. about a hour and half into cook the fire in the pellet grill went out(yes the hopper was full) Amazon was real good about this not only did they pay the return freight they credited my bank account before they received the grill. in fact they credited it the day before i actually shipped it back. I have heard a lot of good about Rec Tec grills and was wanting to buy this brand in the first place but was turned off about the $199 shipping charge but during the course of my experience with the entry level grill I discovered that if you ordered directly from the Rec Tec themselfs than shipping was only $99. and free if you buy the bigger of the two grills they offer(I think) I bought the mini model 300 and I must say I am very pleased with it. the high temp goes to 550 degrees and it does put a sear on (not as good as the Kamado,) and the temps are true its easy to clean and is definitely build with the aim to last and not to just get you to upgrade in a year or two to more expensive model. has same features as their deluxe grull cept for the size and no chimney (which would be my only criticism one think I really liked about the company that it comes with the owners business card which has his personal phone number with instructions to call 24/7 if needed and that is a nice touch I know this topic was about Yoder vs Treager but i just wanted to throw that out
  7. My Verdict about Pizza Cooking Temps

    I have read most of the posts in this thread and find that it is more about how one likes their pizza cooked and 0 posts of pizza fails in this topic UNTIL NOW I am the worst baker i have yet been able to get the dough from the mixing bowl to the peel to the Kamado without totally messing the pizza up before it even cooks I spend a lot of money buying the ingredients because you always say that it will make more then 1 pizza. I do not have the patience for this I always tend to throw it out confession I only tried three times before I grew so frustrated i just gave up on homemade pizza's my go to pizza now is on Tuesdays go to Papa Murphy's and buy a $10 pizza and come home and heat Kamado to 425 degrees and add pizza stones and pizza right on top of the white cardboard that is under the pizza. comes out good everytime and wife does not complain I just wanted to throw that out there. I do not have any desire to master the art of Pizza baking but I do enjoy reading all of your pizza cooks that are posted
  8. I would give my opinion but differing opinions are not allowed anymore
  9. Sous Vide 62 hour brisket

    Sorry I didn't really take time to take proper pictures. Only one I have is this one if I can figure out how to post it on taptalk Think that is how you do it Any way I seared it at high heat for 2 minutes on first side and 90 seconds on second side The difference between this brisket cooked this method compared to the last one I did completely on the KJ was night and day IMO. The sous vide brisket did not appear to be as moist as the one from kamado but it was by far more tender and to me more appealing to look at. The Kamado's brisket although great and appeared more moist it almost makes me think that I am eating pure fat I did not like the sear. Thought I might have left to long per side and I might try the sear-all method next time with the torch Also next time I am going to plan on smoking it longer than the three hours that I did this time. Although it did produce the smoke ring I thin it might have been better to leave longer to get the bark more set Sorry about no pics but after 62 + hours was to excited to dig in Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. Big Green Egg Charcoal

    I'm not a scientist or a engineer so I will let those debate this but I do know what works for me in my first post I stated that I could not get the RO to go past 450° not that I was having problems operating my kamado i assure you i have no problems going nuclear with my kamado and I attribute that specific instance to the lump Sorry the picture doesn't show the top off but it was and this was done tonight with the BGE LUMP T
  11. Big Green Egg Charcoal

    Your so right I don't like your reply airflow was not the problem since bottom vent was wide open and top vent was off, so air flow was not an issue, ash was also cleaned out prior to lighting. As far as my technique goes I've been using my kamado going on 4 years now and have no prior technique issues so I am ruling that out and I am not going to bash my Vision because it served me well before I bought the KJ's being in the Pacific Northwest and we had an extremely wet winter into late spring and the stores here don't usually focus on BBQ season until the rain stops the bag I got might have been stored in their outside areas so that might have played into it , I don't know. I am sure that I will use RO again but that is due to the other big box stores only carry cowboy or have to pre order im glad RO works for you but this particular bag did not for me
  12. Sous Vide 62 hour brisket

    @aljoseph thank you
  13. I followed the technique of this group from the you tube video channel Sous Vide Everything (great channel btw) and I have a quick question for all you Sous Vide'ers. I put smoke on the brisket for three hours before I sealed and inserted into the water bath. I wanted to do it at least 4 hours or until bark set but got waylaid by a broken ac unit in house so go a late start. At 4pm this afternoon it will hit the 62 hour mark and I plan on searing it on the KJ do I need to let the meat rest after this? I didn't take that into account when I organized this cook but I still have a couple hours of time if I need to move back dinner so incase my question got lost in all that Jibberish do I need to rest meat after a sous vide cook? thank you w
  14. Help as soon thanks

    I don't have any experience with an acorn but it seems to me that if the top vent was closed any further you would choke the fire out
  15. Big Green Egg Charcoal

    My go to lump is KJ at least that was until I ran out of my supply. I then went to the only place that I know within acceptable driving distance for lump that carries KJ only to find out they gave the KJ account up in order to carry Green Eggs, I then proceeded to Home Depot and picked up a bag of RO. It was mostly small bits and I thought it burned awful fast. Recently I gave my Vision to my next door neighbor and used the RO to do a high heat burn and clean the grates etc. I could not get the temp past 500°. I ended up throwing the remaining RO in the garbage can and went and picked up a bag of the BGE lump i found the BGE lump mostly medium to large pieces and it burned and started without and sparks, I was very impressed i am able to order KJ lump and have it delivered free to my local Ace store but if timing is wrong that can take 5,days. BGE lump is only $5 dollars more than the KJ so i might stick with it till it proves me wrong