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  1. first Time I heard about this grill was today and it is kind of odd that the only youtube videos are fro Mr Blumenthal or a grill store. can not find any you tuber's doing a non bias review or a cook on one of these and I am replying to a post that is almost a year old already. makes me think that they are not selling
  2. I have 0 temperature swings with my flame boss. Good luck with your product
  3. Thise lockers look nice. It will make up your kitchen look like a resturant . If you decide to get it please post some pics
  4. That Dry Ager sure looks nice but I’m with you. Too much money I can’t do the math but I am not sure if I would live long enough to justify the cost over just going out Whole Foods and buying a dry aged steak a few times a year
  5. Does anyone have any experience with the Steak Locker I know the kickstarter had its problems but now that its out and has been around for a few years(I am assuming since 2014) that any bugs are fixed. Unfortunately, there is not to many reviews that I can find on it and only about 5 you tube videos and 4 of those should have been made into 1. There are other options available but space in our kitchen fridge is not going to be an option . buying a stand alone fridge and modifying it to a diy dry age locker may be an option but I am not to sure how you would exactly control the temp and humidity in those. in the Steak Locker, it has controls where you can set the temp and humidity and that would be a plus for me and that is where my concern is. How accurate are their controls. if you set the humidity to 70% can you be assured that is where it is going to stay? That is what I can not find on any of the reviews I been reading(what few there is) I know $1500. is a lot of money but so is a Kamado or any quality bbq So if anyone has any personal experience with one I would appreciate you sharing your thoughts Thank you Paul
  6. Thank you Pesto i decided to join the mass shoppers at Costco and bought a prime 10lb bone in prime roast
  7. I am going to plunge into the dry paging aspect of cooking a perfect steak. i normally buy my meats at Costco but usually avoid the holiday crowd during December so I was searching the Snake Rivers website and noticed all their roasts are wet aged for 21 days so I got on their live chat and asked them if you can still dry age and they responded that they would not reccomend it. After that he was vague in answering my questions on where to go to get a roast other than trying to steer me to their allready dry aged roasts. i am looking for advise on how to choose a roast for dry aging my plan is to cut them into steaks (after dry aging) so should I use bone in prime roast over no bones i will be using the steakager master 15 to do the dry aging with. costco on line has a 19 lb prime roast for same price as SRF's 6 lb roast but the question of getting what you pay for still leaves SRF's in the equation thank you
  8. I discovered the you tube site Man Cave Meals when I was researching Kamado's and am so thankful for all the info that you imparted onto me(us) over they years. From that channel I was directed to the KG forum and been a member since. I went from being a non cook to being the main chef at our home(my wife loves you for this). I just want to thank you so much Paul
  9. I don't know your grill set up but if you have rotisserie you can search amazon for "coffee roaster rotisserie" and they have quite a few options for baskets that is made to roast beans. Like Ben S I have a Behmor 1600 and have not bought any pre roasted beans since I started this hobby with a $5.00 air popcorn popper and switched to the Behmor a few months later and never looked back
  10. are you using your phone? when its connecting it needs to access the internet not using the wifi I couildnt set up the ikamand with the ipad but when I switched to phone it connected right away
  11. I reinserted the old vent door behind the new one and it sealed that gap not that the small gap would have created a problem I just didn't know what to do with the old door vent
  12. there was a previous post that had a link that led you to the dealer that had it set up for pre sales and stated end of May so if that's true then any day now
  13. youtube channel Sousvide everything has a demonstration on how to build a smoke out of disposable foil trays that you might try instead of using liquid smoke.
  14. I don't have a nuwave but I have both an air fryer and a instsant pot while I like them both and enjoy fried chicken without the oil I would go for the instant pot due to the multiple uses it offers but seriously you own two KK's so why not just get them both
  15. Yeah I thought of that after I posted im still a newbie when it comes to reading ingridients while shopping I just grab off the list. Will have to work on I bedding that into my brain
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