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  1. This is my take on the "I'm Baking in Here" challenge. I thought this would be made on the KJ I ordered at the end of September. Unfortunately a month later I still don't have a functioning KJ . Luckily I do still have my old Char-Griller. It might have worked out for the best since I'm accustom to it and had no trouble maintaing a 350 cook temp. Also of note, this is not my original recipe. It was passed down to me and I know is found in The Cake Doctor Cookbook. These are the ingredients. I grouped them by how they are used. The cake: non-stick spray and flour for pan, 1 packa
  2. In terms of lasting longer in the fridge, I'll will just say it certainly seems to. The best example is cut avocados. A vac sealed avocado looks just like it was freshly cut for days.
  3. I'm wanting to do a brisket via overnight cook, but temps here will get down to 15 degrees. Just seeing if anyone had any experience doing a low and slow cook in cold weather. It might be insulated enough that it doesn't matter. Mainly just wondering if it is going to be able to hold temp.
  4. I’m new to the kamado world, so I’ll give you my reasons for going with the Akorn. I’ll also preface this by saying you’ll love whichever you choose and the Akorn is only kamado I’ve cooked on. I was coming from electric and gas cookers. I didn’t know how hard it would be to control temps and didn’t know if I would like messing with charcoal. Thus, I wanted to get in as cheaply as I could in case I decided this wasn’t for me. Well, controlling temps is so easy and using the lump not that big of a deal. In short, I’m hooked and I’ve used mine 2-3 times/wk since I got it six weeks ago. S
  5. Hey everyone. New to the forum and new to komado cooking. I’ve been using an electric smoker for a couple of years, that’s the extent of my smoking experience. I got the Akorn a couple weeks ago and had a few questions for the group. Let me first say thanks to everyone on this forum. The information on here helped me pick my cooker and have helped make some tasty food already. Some background info. I added the Nomex gasket to the main portion where the lid makes contact, on the air intake and at the ash pan. However, the portion around the ash pan burned off for the most part. I thin
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