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  1. http://www.askvg.com/fix-windows-8-restart-and-shutdown-problems-by-disabling-hybrid-shutdown-feature/
  2. Yes A friend of mine had the same thing running widow8 , it seems to be in one of their updates .
  3. using the party Q with the vision c model and have had no hassles , keeps nice steady for as long as you want !
  4. very well said , love NZ lamb not so much the "all blacks or your cricket teams lol
  5. T -Bone , Porterhouse it all depends on where you and where the butcher was trained , in Europe ,Australia , New Zealand thats a T bone . A porterhouse , internationally it is called a club steak. In the US and Canada it is also known as New York strip, strip loin, shell steak In Australia and New Zealand it is known as a porterhouse steak or boneless sirloin. from the short loin . Unlike the nearby tenderloin, the "Club" is a sizable muscle, allowing it to be cut into the larger portions. When still attached to the bone, and with a piece of the tenderloin also included, the strip steak becomes a T-Bone or in the US or Canada a porterhouse the difference being that the Porterhouse has a larger portion of tenderloin included. The "club steak" may be sold with or without the bone. club steaks may be substituted for most recipes calling for T-bone and porterhouse steaks, and sometimes for fillet and rib eye steaks. Confusing for me when a number for many years the meat cuts I have used and ordered have different names !
  6. LOL I did the same thing about two months ago.. same story, you won't regret it , I ended up with progressives .
  7. Chicken mignon with a mushroom sauce ! (wrap and skewer the breast with the bacon) , or Stuff the breasts with olives, pepper,onion sun-dried tomato and bacon farce napped with a pepper and Galiano cream reduction.
  8. I understand that this has nothing to do with Kamado cooking but just thought I share my video with you guys. As my two girls got a Visit from a Owl ...yes a Owl with a parcel for them both from Hogwarts.
  9. No worries , just its that I didn't find the money its that I can't find the mail box:)
  10. Yep I also had another guy from this forum contact me as well and looks like he is going to use it too !
  11. We have had Target in Australia and I often shopped their and when they opened in Canada I got excited and the Kids did too ,that however was short lived with poor customer service and thats something that will make me shop at a store again ,not price. And clean well layout store (and Target do that wonderfully) and the way Im treated...... I find a lot of the major retail stores need to invest in staff training a lot more the customer need to feel wanted and important ! just my two bobs worth !
  12. I agree Toe, but bones in the meat are compensated in the price: A bone-in Ribeye is cheaper per pound than a boneless eye. I concur with you but on the odd occasion I must say the primitive man (and we all have it thats why we love BBQ) loves to gnaw on a good ol bone
  13. Mate I have to come to Australia's defence, have a look on the internet and see how good Aussie beef is and the grading system used, Like our lamb its some of the best in the world....Cheap imported beef tenderloin on sale? maybe it was Australian.. cheap Australian non graded beef ? We Australians have worked long and hard to produce some of the best Diary, Produce and Meat on the earth and we have a very very large hunk of the Asian and European market because of this reputation. Sorry to be so defensive but don't lets some cheap poor grade beef ruin our reputation ! Cheers and thank you http://www.mla.com.au
  14. I got to use this new charcoal today on a 12 hour pork butt and it performed great , control of the temps were very easy and burned very slowly so there was a fair bit of lump left in the pit ,I going to use the two bags I brought and more a likely go back for more ! Anyone in the Halifax area want to got on this charcoal just PM me and I will hook ya up
  15. I like it as a base, going to use it as it is for a while and then play with tweaks after a few batches ,at the moment its a good base as it is ! heres to APL cooking !
  16. Doing a mod version of this with my own dry rub and minus the chilli but using the APL BBQ sauce I made last night as the crowd I'm cooking for is not the chilli type and I really like the rub i use , up at four tomorrow , my only day off on a 80 hour week..( cooking for 120 pax a night ) but i love cooking such is life , will try post pics Serving with Apple-slaw,roast baby beets, Texas toast, and home made bacon flavoured baked beans . Heres to APL serous BBQ I do not find this recipe that this recipe is a lot of work and if you get your "mis en plus " organized the night before it no more work than you normal pork butt... here here y\to the love of charcoal cooking and great food !
  17. My sampler of the APL BBQ Sauce, I must say I do not often follow other chefs recipes but rather tweek them , however in saying that I finding that the recipes and technics in this forum are spot on and I very much apeciate the input of all from the Kamado Guru forum .....Thanks you .
  18. Made this sauce tonight as Im going to use it with a pulled pork and beans on sunday for some family and friends gathering, i would to see how the flavours develops over night, so far i really like this sauce the apple and jalapeƱo really work well and give it a nice finish, I gave it a test run on my nine year old daughter and she gave it the thumbs up. I hoping the flavour will develop further but will not complain if the don't . cheers !
  19. Could not agree more, very well said
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