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    Halifax Aussie reacted to Aussie Joe in JoeTisserie bad smoke   
    Might have been an extra fatty chicken I have come across this spun a chook and had no major drippings done another and all I could hear was sizzling I have found the weber half charcoal baskets great for my spins and a lows enough room in my classic for a aluminium drip pan this is my goto set up for all my spins works great on getting crackle on a pork belly and catching all the drippings would definetly not do one over coals that would smoke up big time
    Outback Kamado Bar and Grill♨
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    Halifax Aussie reacted to andyscalzo in When do you add wood chunks   
    It takes a long time to get TBS if you have added seasoned wood chunks in the first part of the cook, which is when you should add them. TBS is over rated IMO. Smoke is smoke regardless if it is TBS or white/gray smoke. There are no benefits of soaking wood chunks either......chips maybe, but IMO small chips are a total waste of time and money unless you are doing an extremely quick cook. 
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    Halifax Aussie got a reaction from cabby in Going to try some different charcoal----Le Gourmet Restaurant mixed hardwood--   
    I got to use this new charcoal today on a 12 hour pork butt and it performed great , control of the temps were very easy and burned very slowly so there was a fair bit of lump left in the pit ,I going to use the two bags I brought and more a likely go back for more !
    Anyone in the Halifax area want to got on this charcoal just PM me and I will hook ya up
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    Halifax Aussie got a reaction from cabby in Going to try some different charcoal----Le Gourmet Restaurant mixed hardwood--   
    So from day one in Kamado Cooking I have being using Basques Sugar maple charcoal (natures own) and love the stuff, burns well nice flavour and Im used to the way it burns, so I stored 6 bags of it for winter as Costco stopped stocking it at the end of summer. now I only have 3 bags left and thats not going to last all winter if I use the Komodo 3 to 4 times a week.
    So i did some research and found a Fella that sells Charcoal on the side locally , I'm going to try this stuff the chunks are nice a big and it looks good but have not done a cook with it ,
    26.5 lbs for $20.00 , thats good for these parts of the woods
    So has anyone used this brand before?..... and what do you think?

    The Charcoal that i'm used too

    The new Stuff

    As you can see nice big Chunks
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    Halifax Aussie reacted to ckreef in I screwed up with a after cook burn off   
    Burn off or not is irrelevant. The cardinal rule that one should never break.........
    Never leave a kamado unattended with the vents wide open!!!
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    Halifax Aussie reacted to Toe in I screwed up with a after cook burn off   
    Sigh... how many threads like this will we have to read before people get the message that burn-offs are a terrible idea?
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    Halifax Aussie reacted to andyscalzo in LasagnaJOE   
    Made some Lasagna on the K-Joe Classic for Monday Night Football. It got smoked with some Pecan and Cherry wood chunks....Good stuff!!!

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    Halifax Aussie reacted to TC101 in Cookbook Section with Monthly Recipe Group Cooks?   
    My first thought is hell yes. Then I think abt it a little more, the couple BBQ cookbooks I've read the recipes were so damn complex and had way too many exotic hard to find spices/components. Past cooking experience has tought me that generally the simple rout tastes better than the recipe with 30 ingredients. Though that wouldn't stop me from reading and commenting.
    My thought is that since the internet exists... zero.
    I have a couple that I either bought in the past or inheritted. I was going to throw them out when I reorganize my garage next week. I'd be happy to ship them to anyone who wants them. As long as media mail is still cheap I'll take care of the shipping. But if you do find a good recipe and cook it you have to post some pics/instructions.
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    Halifax Aussie got a reaction from John Setzler in Smoked Almonds   
    nice video John
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    Halifax Aussie reacted to 5698k in 1,050*F Porterhouse   
    Ya'll are missin da point!! Dat's how to cook a steak!!
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    Halifax Aussie reacted to Cutri in So bummed over ManCave vids...   
    I came here from MCM after viewing some videos there. Good work on getting the KJ gig, but it was your BBQ Basics series that got me hooked and I cannot see them being re-posted :(
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    Halifax Aussie reacted to John Setzler in So bummed over ManCave vids...   
    I will be recreating a lot of those past videos on the Kamado Joe channel.  If you have any specific requests, please let me know and I'll get them on the to-do list
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    Halifax Aussie reacted to rwhinton in Is spatchcock necessary on a Kamado?   
    Why not simply cut the chicken in two, snipping out the backbone and cutting along the breast bone? You've got your same, flat pieces, but they are more easily maneuvered over the fire.
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    Halifax Aussie reacted to Frosch in Is spatchcock necessary on a Kamado?   
    I like to do it for two reasons. I think with chicken flat, you get a more even temp over the bird and a more even browning of the skin. The second reason is it is easier to apply and have a mop/glaze stay on the bird when grilling when it is spathcocked.
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    Halifax Aussie reacted to Top Shot Kamado in Greek Style roasted lamb   
    I fail to understand why in America lamb is considered 'Gamey'
    I was born and bred in NZ on a Dairy farm which was also a lamb producer so you can probably say I was brought up on the stuff.
    From Wikipedia -
    n New Zealand, they are defined as follows:
    Lamb — a young sheep under 12 months of age which does not have any permanent incisor teeth in wear Hogget — a sheep of either sex having no more than two permanent incisors in wear[4] Mutton — a female (ewe) or castrated male (wether) sheep having more than two permanent incisors in wear. In Australia and Saudi Arabia the definitions are extended to include ewes and rams, as well as being stricter on the definition for lamb, which is:
    Lamb — 0 permanent incisors; female or castrate entire male ovine 0–12 months (note that the Australian definition requires 0 permanent incisors, whereas the New Zealand definition allows 0 incisors 'in wear'.) Under current United States federal regulations, only the term 'lamb' is used:
    Lamb — ovine animals of any age, including ewes and rams[5]  
    Younger lambs are smaller and more tender. Mutton is meat from a sheep over two years old, and has less tender flesh. In general, the darker the colour, the older the animal. Baby lamb meat will be pale pink, while regular lamb is pinkish-red.
    I have lived in Australia now for over 25 Years and was confused for a while as to why Australian lamb could be similar to NZ lamb (similar size cuts, nice flavour and tender) but also have rather large lamb which was more of a Hoggart (stronger flavour, darker meat and tougher).
    The reason for this is in NZ there are 3 classifications  Lamb (0 to 1 Yr.s), Hoggart (1 to 2 Yr.s) and Mutton (2 Yrs and above)
    And In Aus there are only 2 - Lamb (0 to 2 Yrs) and Mutton (2Yr.s and above)
    So basically a large Lamb in Aus is a Hoggart in NZ, I even quizzed a mate of mine who was a butcher here in  Aus, he didn't even know what a Hoggart was !!, it was either Lamb or Mutton. He did also add that he preferred NZ lamb over the local lamb.
    A few things I have noticed though, is that in general Australian lamb has a stronger (gamey) flavour than NZ Lamb , in NZ we would dine on Lamb, Hoggart and Mutton. Whereas in Aus I wouldn't even contemplate mutton, it is simply too strong.
    One other thing , in NZ we had a flock of Poll Suffolk sheep which are bred towards meat (export) while in Aus sheep have traditionally been bred mainly for wool (Merino). This could also explain the difference in the meats as well.
    So in a nutshell if you want a less gamey meat either get smaller Aus lamb or NZ Lamb and you should be okay. But for goodness sake don't confuse NZ lamb with Aussie lamb!
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    Halifax Aussie reacted to erazoner in Greek Style roasted lamb   
    I prefer free-range lamb myself, but only recommend to those who find the flavor to be gamey to try the North American lamb which is usually milder in flavor. Not saying one is superior to the other. It's really a matter of taste. 
    I'm a kamado newbie and haven't tried lamb on the kamado yet, but have a butterflied leg ready to go and will definitely try your recipe. 
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    Halifax Aussie reacted to MWT4VGClassic in The time has come...   
    I held out for quite a while before I finally decided to get my eyes examined and purchased prescription eyeglasses. Then wished I would have when I began to notice problems or earlier. HD TV never looked so good and reading was also a lot easier on the eyes. My first pair was through Sears and my second I purchased at Eyemart Express. Good experience at both.
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    Halifax Aussie reacted to John Setzler in The time has come...   
    to admit that I'm getting OLD!
    I'm an anomaly in my entire family.  My sister, parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents on BOTH sides of the family all wear glasses.  I do not.  
    I'm having a progressively more difficult time reading and focusing on things close to my face so I have been toying with reading glasses for the last two years or so.  I bought a $20 pair of reading glasses (1.25x) at Walmart and they work OK but they really to look cheesy.  Do any of you use reading glasses and where do you get them?
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    Halifax Aussie reacted to bferne in Chicken breasts???   
    Butterfly in 2 or 3 "slivers" - pounded even thinner, seasoned, breaded, pan fried, finished as Chicken Parm indirect in the Kamado with sauce and cheese.
    But stuffed is still what I think would make for the best presentation.
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    Halifax Aussie reacted to Ross in The Wordless Picture Gallery   
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    Halifax Aussie reacted to certified106 in The Wordless Picture Gallery   
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    Halifax Aussie reacted to John Setzler in The Wordless Picture Gallery   
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    Halifax Aussie reacted to Charcoal Addict in Material and build quality differences   
    Superior only is relevant when it makes a difference. The naked whiz peformed an extensive review of the KJ making extemely detailed comparisons between the KJ and BGE products down to surface heat measurements. There was no difference to compare. Both ceramics in the KJ and BGE yielded the same results at 400F.
    Both the BGE ceramics and KJ ceramics perform equally. It's a moot point when trying to decide between a KJ and BGE.
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    Halifax Aussie reacted to freddyjbbq in Build and Materials Quality Differences???   
    Ron, I'm not sure what other answer you could expect from a BGE dealer? Did you really think he would tell you that a competitor product was superior? How would that help him sell more BGE'S? I'm pretty sure a guy who sells Chevys to support his family isn't going to a tell a potential customer that a Ford is a better product.
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    Halifax Aussie reacted to Smoking Pill Doc in First Comp....Wings Category   
    I was in my first comp this past Monday.  Categories were brisket, ribs, and wings.  Wings were an open category for flavor and cooking style.  A friend of mine and I entered the wings category using my Cypress (Bayou Classic).  Low and behold, we took 1st place!  Most of the contestants smoked / grilled them, then finished them in a fryer.  We just cooked them on the Cypress...  We submitted 2 flavors, the drum was a chipolte lime and the wing was a sweet chilli.

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