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  1. Looking forward to that one! You've really been hitting some great topics lately. Good work!
  2. Welcome @Todd Crisler. If you have a Kamado Joe, the 1-piece firebox was a version 1 design. Even the newer V1 have a multi piece fire box. But that don't tell us whether it's the 18 or 24 inch grill. And it's just a guess that it's a Kamado Joe, based on the forum you posted in. I could be wrong on that guess. There are lots of kamadoes folk call Joes that are not. That's why @Jack.'s question is important.
  3. One of my first lessons about the differences of cooking on the Kamado was the difference in the browning of chicken. I thought a batch was taking it's time cooking, just going by color. Then checked the temperature and it was about 180 F! But still good. One reason I use a rub with paprika on chicken on the Kamado is to give more color. Just a crutch, maybe, but helps me.
  4. So, when your father-in-law finishes the bottle, fill it up with your own homemade bbq rub? Best of both worlds
  5. Welcome, @georgec. For a KJ series 1, the standard KJ basket fits (have one in my Classic 1). I go for the "shut it down" method of cooling, as that's how you save the coals for the next cook. But, if you need to, the KJ basket absolutely can be used to easily remove the charcoal, allowing the dome to cool off quicker. I've not done that, but have used the process, and it works.
  6. Have you looked at the Katz's Pastrami recipe on Amazing Ribs? https://amazingribs.com/tested-recipes/spice-rubs-and-pastes/katzs-pastrami-rub/ One of the commenters suggests a process for "crust" I've pasted it below, but if the link don't work, you can see it on the comments to Meatheads original post. Looks like what you're looking for? Jeff - Just saw your video and thought I would share my success with the crust. I smoke to IT 150. I cool and vacuum seal for 24 hours. I then sous vide to 200°. I remove from bag and finish in an oven at 500° for about 5-8 minutes. View — uploads.disquscdn.com
  7. Welcome, @Dave kamado. Might be a premature question, but have you contacted the seller or manufacturer? That's not what you should expect from that equipment (obviously).
  8. Last year, they were out of those at Traeger. I asked @John Setzler if he had alternatives as the Transfer was in his Really Right Stuff list (a great post to leave open prior to birthdays, Christmas, Mother's and or Father's Day, etc.)
  9. I typically won't use water to defrost meat, so can't speak to speed. But I've used aluminum sheet pans, and I've seen folk use GrillGrates for defrosting as well as for cooking, and those may be even faster than a sheet pan.
  10. I'd agree with that. It will be more difficult to get complete coverage of a new color rather than the original, without the original color showing through. But a few coats should do it.
  11. Places I've found lump - Lowe's (might be seasonal) (better selection than Home Depot, though they also had some last time I looked) Ace Hardware (Fogo, B & B, Cowboy, etc) Academy Sports (thanks to a tip on this site) Several grocery chains (but limited selection - primarily RO) Walmart
  12. But he'd have a really clean smoke! Been there. Once that fire gets going, it can heat up QUICKLY, as I've also found out.
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