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  1. Mine didn’t look like that. I’d send it back. Looks like some serious quality control issues with the gasket but cracks in the ceramic is unacceptable.
  2. I have done hundreds of racks of ribs over the years on various smokers. They are my favorite thing to cook and eat. I can tell you for a fact that 225 is too low. I find 250 to make a big difference. Also wrapping is crucial. If you want a firmer rib with more resistance wrap in butcher paper to keep them from steaming themselves. This will speed up your cook while still retaining moisture.
  3. I’ve gone about 8 hours. You might be able to get 10 if you really load it up with premium quality charcoal. And you absolutely need a charcoal basket to maintain a steady temperature for that long on a joe jr.
  4. It’s about 18-20” wide and deep. About 24” tall including the small pallet it sits on.
  5. If you have found where to get this yet please let me know. I need one!
  6. Thanks for the reply. I took everything out and I can lift the unit on my own. The tricky part is going to be dropping it into the base without getting my hand caught. I do like the lift strap idea. I might be able to make that work
  7. So I’m moving to another state and my new house is in the middle of nowhere. I don’t know anyone there that could help me unload my kamado joe classic 1 and my only neighbors are an elderly couple so I don’t want to ask them. It will be loaded into the back of my pickup truck so it’s fairly high off the ground. I can pull up to the spot that I want to keep it. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get it from my truck into the base?
  8. I’m sure there are a lot of opinions out there but here is mine. I’d go with the classic 2 over the big joe 1. The reason why I say this is because I have a classic and the only time I’ve ever wished I had a big joe is to do a whole big packer brisket. Separate the flat and point, problem solved. Another reason I say go for the classic is the heat up/cool down time. I also have a joe jr and that thing heats up twice as fast as my classic. I imagine the big joe would be considerably slower to come up to temp than the classic. The only reason I’d say to get the big joe is if you’re regularly cooking for more than 10 people. Another opinion of mine is the huge price difference between the classic 1 and 2 is definitely not worth it. I have classic 1 and never once have I said, “I wish this lid wasn’t so heavy”. That is the biggest difference between the two and it cost $500 more for it. The kontrol tower is like $50 if you really wanted it but the daisy wheel works just as well. I think you should get the classic 1 and use all the money you save to get a kick ash basket and build a proper table. That is unless you are feeding a large group on a regular basis, then go for the big joe.
  9. Does anybody know where I could find something that would work as a half moon heat deflector for a Joe Jr? Before anyone says just get a classic, I already have one. I find myself using my jr a lot more than I thought I would and it would be nice to have two heat zones when cooking a couple burgers or a single steak.
  10. So the problem was definitely that I needed to thaw the steaks before cooking. I thought I could get two birds stoned at once and just throw a frozen steak on there but I was wrong. Perfect results on the first try.
  11. Thomas, I’m not saying they were bad they were actually quite good. I just don’t understand why the price is so astronomical for a steak you could get anywhere else. I’m sure they do have good sales and discounts, but even at half price they are still charging double what you should pay. I buy from several different small time butchers that sell wagyu for less than they charge. For example, here is a wagyu outside skirt steak I picked up from a butcher in Cleveland called Mister Brisket. I wanna say I paid around $25 a pound for this last year. It’s a great operation they run there and they ship all over the country. I encourage anyone reading this to look them up. And then there’s Sam’s club. They currently charge about $18 a pound for ridiculously good steaks. I can even get A4 Japanese wagyu from a local butcher for around $100 a pound if I really want to splurge. I just can’t in good conscience recommend anyone buy steaks from the Chicago steak company when there are so many other options to buy better quality meat for a fraction of the price.
  12. I got a gift certificate for my birthday for the Chicago steak company. I was skeptical of the legitimacy of the company after seeing their website claiming to sell Kobe flat iron steaks. I ordered a dozen wagyu burgers, which were great although way overpriced, and two 8 oz premium angus ribeyes. The steaks were an astonishing $89 a pound so I was expecting a lot. The shipping was good and everything was still frozen solid when I arrived. They did not look great when I thawed them and one of them as pretty brown. I seasoned them with just salt and pepper to be able to really judge the quality of the meat. I threw them on the joe jr at about 700 degrees as they were pretty thin and didn’t want to over cook them too bad. So I have to say I’m pretty disappointed. They were delicious don’t get me wrong. But it was not any better than a good hand picked steak from your local grocery store for under $20 a pound. I would have been absolutely livid if I hadn’t bought them with a gift card. At $89 a pound you may as well spend a little more and get imported wagyu. Or run to your local butcher that sells usda prime and pick some up for a quarter to half the price of these. So my point is that if you run across these guys and think you’re going to spoil yourself or someone you may give them to as a gift, don’t. There are plenty of other online butchers out there that sell better quality beef at much more reasonable prices. This company is nothing but fancy advertising and hype.
  13. Sam’s club has prime beef at better prices than most grocery stores charge for choice. Last time I was there prime ribeyes were $17 a pound and prime brisket was $5.50 and those prices were unusually high.
  14. Thanks for the replies. I hadn’t really thought of thickness impacting doneness. The ribeyes I usually cook are about 16 ounces and probably about an inch thick. Maybe that’s my problem. I’ll pick up a tomahawk ribeye next time I’m at sams club and give that a go. Also going to try not starting with a frozen steak and see if that makes any difference.
  15. I have been trying with little success to reverse sear on both my kamados. I start with a preheated grill at 200-225, heat deflector in place, and throw on a frozen steak. Slowly let it come up to about 90-100 degrees and pull it off. Open the vents all the way and sear it once the grill is 600+ degrees. I’m shooting for medium rare so I pull it off when it hits 120. Every single time it has come out way overdone. I’m using a thermapen so I know that’s not the problem. I make steaks in the sous vide all the time and they always come out perfect. I don’t understand how this is much different from that process. Could starting with a frozen steak be the cause? Any advice?
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