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  1. Thanks for the prompt reply and the warm welcome! Much appreciated. Will keep on cooking and grease that top vent up a bit. I`ve had it for a week and already ticked a few boxes: St.Louis Ribs, Picanha, Flat steak, Dorade, Mackerel, bone-in pork chops, veggies. So far nothing but amazing whatever comes off the grill. Cheers!
  2. Hi all, After a seer of some lovely bone-in pork chops I wanted to use the residual heat of the KMJ to finish off the chops. After closing down bottom and top vent I noticed smoke escaping from the kontrol tower (see picture). A quick observation shows that the top piece, which is used to adjust the vent, does not neatly sit on the lower piece of the kontrol tower. Thus causing some air to leak. Is this normal? Anyone else noticed this? Cheers!
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