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  1. Being a professional bassist, I have very eclectic musical taste. But give me anything Steely Dan and a cold beer and I'm happy.
  2. Use fresh or thawed Wild Caught salmon. Wild Alaskan king or Scottish wild salmon are best. farm raised or so called Atlantic salmon is crap and full of coloring and antibiotics, don't buy it. Put 2 tbs each of olive oil and smooth Dijon mustard with fresh cracked pepper and a pinch of sea salt to taste in a small bowl. Whisk it until totally emulsified. Brush the the mixture on the salmon. I use a cherry plank, soaked in water for 1 hour. Put the plank on the grill to heat it for 10 minutes. Flip it over, and put salmon on the hot plank, skin side down (I brush the skin lightly with evoo) close the lid for 10 minutes to build up a nice smoke and then check it and let it cook until the desired doneness. It will be the best planked salmon you ever had.
  3. Mine has a wing nut that attaches to the threaded collar on the thermometer. I can't tell if the tel true is an exact fit or requires a larger hole in the lid for it to fit.
  4. Which tel true thermometer model number is the correct one to get for the Akorn? Does anyone out there happen to know? Their site is vague on that info. Thanks.
  5. I bought mine at Kroger $1.99 per lb. I tried the butcher in Collierville but he was $2.99 lb and the smallest he had was an 8lb. I use them for steaks and seafood. Fresh market has great meat too. I buy all of my poultry there. They have a chicken sale every Tuesday
  6. I smoked my first pork butt today, a 6lb bone-in. I used the grate / pizza pan difussor combo and added a drip pan full of water on top of the pizza pan under the grate. I tried to keep the temp at 250 but it stayed between 300 and 350. Yesterday, I rubbed the butt down with yellow mustard and applied rendezvous dry rub and put it overnight in the fridge. I put it on at 11:00 and it got to 160 at around 2:00. I then wrapped it in foil, put it back on the grill and got it to 190 at 3:00. I took it off, put it in a cooler and let it rest an hour and a half. Man, it turned out great! Moist, tender and a nice crust. My Akorn only barely leaked where the igrill probe wires were coming out of the lid. afterwards, I grilled some red and yellow mini peppers and turkey dogs for some non-pork guests. It is still sitting at 300 while I'm waiting for the fire to die out. I feel really good about the Akorn, I think it's a great buy.
  7. I-grill digital thermometer with 2 probes 25% off of the 79.99 price at AT&T retail stores. Found In the accessory area of the retail stores.
  8. Thanks all, I needed to vent (pardon the pun) I'm sure that I will enjoy my Akorn. I appreciate the comments.
  9. I'm new to this forum and i really appreciate your collective knowledge and experience. This morning I bought a chargriller akorn grill at Kroger for $289.00 and got fuel points on my Kroger card too. I unloaded the box on my patio and started the assembly. I took the legs out, one was dented and I just decided to live with it. Everything else was just fine and the when finishing the installation of the base tray on the 3rd leg I find it is not tapped for the screws. Now, I'm pissed. I called Kroger and the manager replaced it from another one in stock. I get home, everything is cool with the new leg. Then, I get the lid out of the box and it has a huge dent in it. Now, I'm really pissed. Another call to Kroger and the manager gave me the lid out of the grill he raided the leg from. I had to wrestle with the screws to get the top vent installed, they weren't long enough. The wood on the fold-in shelves was loose, I had to tighten them up and one shelf is hard to adjust. There was no physical damage on the box at all. Is the popularity of this grill making them less attentive to quality control? $300.00 is a lot of money for a Chinese made grill in my opinion. I would expect better quality.
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