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  1. Hi Everyone, I’ve noticed that the control tower on my Kamado Joe Classic 3 is very loose. What is the material that is wrapped around the chimney to make the the control tower fit nice and snug. Seems like mine has compressed and the whole control tower spins when I make adjustments. Paul
  2. Thanks everyone for your input!! I feel alot better leaving my grill outside over the winter. Nd perhaps I might be brave enough to even cook on it in the middle of winter. thanks everyone
  3. Hello, I have just purchased a Kamado Joe Classic 3 this summer. I have really enjoyed my first cooks on it. Summer is coming to an end where i live and the Winters can be rather cold. Will the cold (-20 degrees Celcius +) affect the ceramics if I leave my Kamado outside or the winter? Will the ceramics crack or break? These grills are not cheap and i would have to find my grill to to be damaged. Wondering if its ok the leave my Kamado outside for the winter? Paul
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