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  1. KJ Customer Service got back within hours but will only be able to ship me all the parts by October. I took the advice of the forum and asked KeystoneBBQ for a replacement and am waiting to hear back. Hopefully they will do the right thing and ship me a replacement. I'll keep the forum updated. Thank you for the advice.
  2. I ordered a Kamado Joe Jr from Keystone BBQ Supply and I opened it up today to cook up something this weekend. Upon opening the box, I saw this... Very bummed! Contacted the retailer and they asked me to register the product and file a warranty claim. Q1: Is this normal? Aren't damaged in shipment issues supposed to be addressed by the retailer? I registered the product and filed a warranty claim. Kamado Joe's generic acknowledgement said I'll hear back in 5 business days. Q2: Should I wait to hear back via email or call? Which medium has worked better for folks who have had damage on arrival? Q3: Has anyone else dealt with KJ with a DoA issue? What was your experience? Are they pretty good about this? Wondering if I should initiate a dispute with my CC now to cover all bases. Thanks in advance!
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