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  1. Mr Cue

    Nashville-ish Hot Chicken Sandwich

    The last few times I've been to Nashville I tried to go eat at Hattie B's but haven't been able to. It sucks living two hours away and never having the real deal but if I could make a sandwich like you've made I don't think it would matter, that looks amazing!
  2. Always thinking outside the box, I love it!
  3. Mr Cue

    Eye of Round

    Lean cuts from the Round are excellent choices for sous vide, that’s what I choose for my deli style roast beef. Want to blow your mind? Take a small to medium sized roast (1-2.5 pound) and rub it with olive oil and crock pot pot roast seasoning, vacuum seal, and let it sit a day or two then sous vide it to your desired doneness for 6-8 hours. Oh my... Eye of round is also the best for making jerky with, IMO.
  4. Mr Cue

    Product Testing

    A Hereford steer is where it’s at. We used to grind up dairy cows for burger. Not to say you can’t get great meat from a dairy cow, but if you’re looking for efficient/cost effective growth and great quality then you’re going to want to go with a breed better suited for beef production. Our cattle were a cross of Hereford and charolais or purebred poled herford, you couldn’t ask for cattle with a better temperament and finished product. I was never a fan of raising black angus cattle, they seemed to be a lot more temperamental.
  5. Mr Cue

    Sous Vide Ribs

    I’ve been toying with the idea of Instant Pot ribs, it’s an unconventional cook like this one, but science says it works.
  6. Mr Cue

    Deli Style Meats

    The roast beef is really simple, I mean stupid easy. Basically, you are dry rubbing, sealing in a bag, sous vide cooking, then chill for slicing. For roast beef I used the cheapest cut I could get, $2.99/lb angus bottom round roast. I got a 5 pounder cut and trimmed of the fat cap. Rub it down with light olive oil and coat it with Crock Pot Pot Roast seasoning, about 1.5 Oz covered this large piece of meat. Vacuum seal in a bag and rest 3-5 days in the fridge. I like rare roast beef so I sous vide in my Anova at 135°F for 8 hours. I went 10 on the last one just because I was out of the house when the cook hit the 8 hour mark. I didn’t notice any change in quality over the 2 pound tester I did in the same manner. Once it’s cooked, put it in an ice bath to stop the cooking process and then refrigerate over night at minimum. After the chill, it is ready to slice and eat. You can slice it thick or thin, have it cold or heat it up. Either way, it will change how you look at deli style roast beef. I typically buy Boar’s Head brand roast beef and this cheap, humble, roast beef will beat it hands down.
  7. Mr Cue

    Where did you buy your Kamado Joe Grill?

    I wanted to score a Costco deal but my local-ish store (Knoxville) was not participating so I got mine from Conn’s in Knoxville. They were outstanding to deal with, in fact, I was not planning on purchasing a Big Joe but I couldn’t pass up 0% APR and free delivery! I’d gladly purchase another one from them.
  8. Mr Cue

    Deli Style Meats

    Time, ease, cost savings. For reasons you stated, I want to avoid deli meats from the store and make my own from whole muscle cuts and without all the preservatives. I guarantee you’d eat my deli style roast beef and have a hard time not taking a second piece.
  9. Mr Cue

    Deli Style Meats

    Anyone doing their own delicatessen style meats in the sous vide? I’ve gotten into roast beef for right now but want to do turkey, chicken, and maybe even my own bologna sometime. My Mrs. loves the roast beef and she’s not really a big roast beef eater, it’s better than anything I’ve ever bought at a store... She said I can get a slicer and start making more deli meats, heck, if I can turn $2.99/lb beef roasts into $12/lb roast beef, I’m curious about what else I can do. Any tips/tricks/hints? I’m thinking turning a pork loin into a Spanish pork roast is next on the list but I feel if I can master turkey or chicken that I’ll never have to buy lunch meat from the deli counter again. No photos of my recent cooks because this sucky iPhone can’t resize pictures and it won’t sync them with my iPad so I can post them (for some reason it automatically shrinks them on the iPad and I can post from it) but that’s another topic of discussion...
  10. Mr Cue

    Glass front refrig suggestions

    To add to the negative list on glass front beverage coolers, they’re terribly inefficient and gobble up some serious electricity. A friend got a steal of a deal on a nearly brand new one and his electric bill went up $100 that month running it!
  11. Mr Cue

    WFO Installation Thread

    Wow, just catching up on this, what a build! You, sir, know how to do it right! Congrats on being able to do this and enjoy yourself in your spare time.
  12. Mr Cue

    Extreme Diet Trends

    The Keto diet was scientifically designed in the early 1900s for people with neurological disorders, like epilepsy, as an alternative to unproven and often dangerous drugs. There are a number of people doing the Keto diet with much success and enjoying a healthy life; it’s kind of ignorant to berate anyone who is trying to better themselves and get into shape. I challenge you, OP, to try the Keto diet, I bet it’s harder than you think. There isn’t much more I can say and remain polite so, before you start calling people stupid, take a look in the mirror, or browse through some of your old posts.... lots of stupidity there.
  13. Mr Cue

    Cinnamon Rolls

    It’s an organic cinnamon with 3% VO, it was a spec sample from a company who was trying to become a vendor to the company I work for.
  14. Mr Cue

    Cinnamon Rolls

    Link to recipe? I currently have a 3 pound bag of cinnamon I need to find a use for...