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  1. Congrats, that is a sweeeeet looking cooker! I've been wanting a pellet grill for a while but I've got champagne taste and beer money... A Yoder YS1500 is what I really want but any decently built cooker of similar capacity would do.
  2. Sure, I believe a lot is hype, like Certified Angus Beef... Less than 10% of Beef is supposedly good enough to be labeled CAB and they claim it’s better than USDA Prime but then they throw a USDA Choice label beside the CAB sticker... it’s all about marketing to the right demographic. But if a board certified physician with no skin in the game tells me that grass fed is better for you than regular grain fed beef, I’ll entertain the notion.
  3. I’ve been interested in trying grass fed beef for the health aspects of it, grass fed beef is high in Omega-3 fatty acids instead of inflammatory Omega-6s. However, I really don’t like the price and don’t see how a cut of beef with so little intramuscular fat is better for you on a HFLC diet when you are also trying to watch your protein intake but that’s maybe me not completely understanding the science. If you look at grass fed animal produced butter, such as Kerrygold Irish Butter, it has a higher fat content then other non-grass fed premium butters. In the end, it’s about eating healthier, which I am trying to do. One day I’ll drop the extra coin on it to see for myself but as of this writing, I find it pretty hard to resist a nice USDA Choice or higher ribeye steak!
  4. If that log was straight and slick, it could have been worth quite a bit to a craftsman or lumber mill... too bad. I’d see about having some of those turned into some bowls or make some chopping blocks, etc. Be a shame to waste that beautiful lumber.
  5. Also, i looooove the cheese melted on the burger but there’s always some weirdo at the party who don’t like cheese.... just leave the cheese off and play it safe. Trust me, no one will care that they have to put a slice of cheese on their burger but you’ll never hear the end of it if they didn’t want cheese!!!
  6. I did 24 burgers and 24 dogs for our son’s birthday a few weeks ago, I also did them on the Blackstone so I didn’t have to deal with a charcoal fire.... that being said, I’ve cooked burgers and brats for my 10 employees on the Big Joe and took them to work on a few occasions. My advice is to set up a 2 zone cooking area and cook in batches because the grease from even 80/20 can cause flare ups that will get away from you in a hurry. Kamado flash is a real danger here when the lid closed so I tend to do my burger cooks lid up. When cooking burgers in batches, I like to line a Tupperware container with foil, pour some hot beef broth in the bottom, and set the burgers in there while I cook the others. Put the lid on and this will keep them nice and juicy. The foil gives me the peace of mind that I won’t melt plastic into my burgers once they come off the screaming hot grill. They don’t have to be submerged in the broth, just enough to cover the bottom and maybe 1/4 inch or so. My burgers I did on the Blackstone were just as good juicy as if I’d just taken them off but were held over for about 90 minutes. Worked like a charm.
  7. Also, FWIW, Smithfield sponsors the Jack Daniel’s Invitational and is a major sponsor for Tuffy Stone, he’s won the Jack at least twice that I can remember.
  8. Most of the time I get IBP, which is plain labeled Tyson. Smithfield is decent as is Cargill Meats, to cover the big packers. I steer away from the Tyson labeled butts, most of the ones I’ve bought smell a little too porky for me, even when they’re far from the Use By date. The twin pack from Sam’s Club has been decent in the past, I can’t remember what packer they’re from, but I’ve not bought those in a few years. The quality is going to be pretty similar across the board, I wouldn’t sweat it.
  9. Your forum, your rules. As a long time member, I’ve always respected your rules even when I didn’t agree with them. Enough said.
  10. Check my post count, T_om.... this place is for contributors, not squatters who come here to offload their unwanted stuff or try to scam people via this site. How uncouth to just roll up in someone’s place and try selling your stuff, it’s the equivalent to annoying door to door sales.
  11. Agh; I get tired of seeing people with ZERO participation/posts coming here to peddle their kamados. List it on FB Market Place, Craig’s List, or somewhere other than here, it’s in poor form IMO.
  12. Was pretty close last year, maybe this is my year!!! Thanks for putting this on once again, @John Setzler!!!
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