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  1. Check my post count, T_om.... this place is for contributors, not squatters who come here to offload their unwanted stuff or try to scam people via this site. How uncouth to just roll up in someone’s place and try selling your stuff, it’s the equivalent to annoying door to door sales.
  2. Agh; I get tired of seeing people with ZERO participation/posts coming here to peddle their kamados. List it on FB Market Place, Craig’s List, or somewhere other than here, it’s in poor form IMO.
  3. Was pretty close last year, maybe this is my year!!! Thanks for putting this on once again, @John Setzler!!!
  4. Forklift propane tanks are specially designed for the application, they use valves that flow the proper amount of fuel without freezing. A gas grill tank or other similarly sized tank will not.
  5. Back on Keto, 2 weeks in with only one mishap. Been using KetoChow meal replacement, intermittent fasting, and shooting for a cleaner way of eating. Dr. Ken D. Berry is on YouTube and has some great, clear cut, straight to the point, videos and is a board certified physician here in Tn so I trust his advice. He explains things in a way almost anyone can understand and he’s not selling anything so I believe he truly wants to help people. Lots of great info from him that has helped me approach this with better long term plans for sustainability.
  6. Multiple small tanks will give you issues, a single 100 pounder should be ok for a fixed install. Propane is -45°F so even hot outside ambient temps won’t keep the bottle from freezing when the pressure drops, we were dealing with this issue in 90°+F summer heat. Like I said, it’s all about tank size, the smaller tanks can’t flow fast enough to vaporize the propane. The only way to combat this with smaller tanks is to run a bottle heater, similar to a nitrous setup on a car.
  7. Never had a dual fuel one but we had a 10kw propane generator on the food trailer and it was a major PITA to deal with. We used 35 lb bottles for it because my idiot business partner wouldn’t listen to me about hooking it up to one of the two 100 pound cylinders we had on the trailer. Do some research and see what the requirements are on bottle size for the size genny you plan on buying and do not deviate. The gas is in liquid form in the bottle, it has to vaporize before in order run. If the tank is too small, the gas will remain a liquid and freeze up your carb, you’ll also have a significant pressure drop and the gas won’t flow from the tank. I don’t know the exact science behind it but I know it sucks when you’re needing power and having to work on the generator when it should be running. Save yourself the headache and just get a gasoline generator unless you are permanently installing it and have the appropriate size tank to go with it. If I ever have another food trailer, it will have an Onan Diesel onboard.
  8. Was thinking the same. I season mine with adobo and Sazón then cook like a smash burger. Top with a mexi-blend cheese, lettuce, pico, and guac, then seal the ‘dilla. Mmmmm.
  9. I’ve cooked 7 or 8 on my Big Joe and the only difference is that packing that much meat on it drastically changes the airflow, you’ll likely find yourself running the top vent with the daisy wheel fully open to achieve 250°F. I find that with that much meat, mine will cruise at 210-235°F pretty much all night long with the vent open as such. For three butts, it’ll cook like a single, you’ve got a lot of space on there, especially if you’ve got an extender rack, and it won’t affect the airflow all that much. Cook with your normal settings. I’ll put mine on around 11pm and they’re ready for wrapping around 5-6am, completely cooked by 8 or 9am with the temp sticking right at 250°F on the dome thermometer.
  10. Happy belated birthday my friend! Those shrimp and steak look amazing and I don’t even like crab! Was going to score 100 pounds of shrimp off the dock when we went down to Florida last month but you can’t buy seafood in bulk without a wholesale license anymore, too many irresponsible people ruined it for everyone. Oh well.
  11. All good tips here. I had to drill through a 1/4” SS plate a while back and used my HSS Skil bits. They are gold in color and do a fine job with SS. As others have mentioned, punch your holes to keep them centered, use cutting fluid or WD40, and I’d recommend using a high torque plug in drill. I think I used a hammer drill. Go slow, don’t try to speed through the cut, it will take a few minutes depending on the thickness, I recall it took me about 15 minutes to drill that 1/4” hole.
  12. Picked up two USDA Choice Angus briskets at my local Kroger for $1.99/lb today. Can’t wait to cook one! I think I’ll do one for tacos and not sure about the other.
  13. Brisket is full of tough muscle, connective tissue, and fat. The meat must be cooked low and slow for a long time in order for the collagen and tough tissues to break down. Once it’s got a nice jiggle to it, the meat should be tender.
  14. That’s too bad, I don’t see how anyone can do business in that state. The other day my Production Manager and I were talking in the breakroom about the Prop65 warning on the wrapper of his White Castle burgers he grabbed out of the vending machine. How can something be safe to eat yet contain carcinogens? I think everything causes cancer in California.
  15. Nice looking pies. FWIW, I put my stone on my extender rack, about 6” above the main grate, and get the pizzas up higher in the dome. I use a 14” stone in my Big Joe and it’s got plenty of room for airflow. There isn’t much need for me to go over 500°F on the dome thermometer and a pizza cooks in about 9 minutes beautifully even on top and bottom.
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