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  1. Nice! I got two in the freezer; one is definitely going to be done like this, the other will likely become home cured bacon.
  2. Nice score! I like how substantial the racks are and that there are three levels from the factory. Looks like a great unit!
  3. These were my "testers", I was pretty pleased with them, it's the first time I've ever made fish tacos. I deep fried some hand battered pollock fillets and served the fish with a chipotle slaw and guacamole I made.
  4. Nice saw. I picked up a Porter Cable table saw a month or so ago and intend to buy a dado stack so I can finally build a table worthy of Big Joe!
  5. That looks awesome and to know you harvested and processed the fish is even more impressive. I'm going to be doing fish tacos on my food trailer next month; I'll be doing a Baja fish taco with a chipotle slaw, fried fish fillets, and a guacolemole crema. I've tested them out on a few friends and they really liked them. I bet yours were nothing short of superb, outstanding job!
  6. Well said! I will be getting one of these when it comes out, it's the best value and does all the things I want a controller to do.
  7. Mmm I <3 burgers! Nicely done!
  8. It's the flap of meat from the backside of a rack of spare ribs. I saved a few skirts from some ribs and made carnitas with them, it was pretty good!
  9. I think the complaints come from people who cake it on like a brown sugar rub. I've never had a single compliant about the BBQ I've used it on contrary to when I've used stuff like Dizzy Pig Pineapplehead or Oak Ridge Domimator. Those rubs just have way too much going on for most people and they don't care for the spice tones not usually found in backyard BBQ. I do however like to compliment the Bad Byron's with those rubs in a light layer after the cook has begun, usually after I do the brown sugar/margarine step on the ribs is when I will add an accompanying flavor layer.
  10. Bbq is definitely a direction I'd love to go in but it's a crowded niche here and one my partner is hesitant to fully dive into.
  11. Bad Byron's Butt Rub is my go to for BBQ meats. You can find this stuff at most grocers and its not terribly expensive. Since it's a sugar free rub, you use it as salt, a thick coat isn't needed or recommended. I buy the commercial size container for $10 at Kroger and I go through a few of them a year. As a matter of fact, I'm on my third one in three months because we use it for our food truck BBQ. For pulled pork I just sprinkle it in the trimmed meat and smoke. For ribs I apply a base of Bad Byron's, cook 90 minutes, apply margerine and brown sugar, cook to done and glaze with apricot or peach preserves, cook 10 minutes, then lightly baste with BBQ sauce. For chicken I do a light dusting on the skin and Montreal chicken underneath, cook at 300°F to done. Ive never had bad results with this rub and everyone LOVES the bark it produces on pork.
  12. I think most everyone here has been roped into a big cook or two and knows the stresses, when I say people think it's easy I'm speaking of customers and dreamers. One of the biggest issues I take is trying to get quality food out at a price people can afford but still make decent money. Everyone (customers) thinks we do this stuff for pennies and some people balk at the idea of a $7 burger and fry from a food truck because McDonalds does it for $5. Of course there is no comparison between the two quality or cost wise. Thanks for all the great info and ideas as well as the well wishes!
  13. Love it! I tried explaining the UDS to my business partner and all I got was a blank stare! We have an event coming up and I'll need a smoker on site, I told him I was NOT dragging my $1700 ceramic cooker out for this venture and that crossed his eyes even more! He says, "You paid how much for that thing?!?!". I guess I'm just going to have to follow your lead, throw a UDS together and show him what it's about!
  14. The bottom line is I want a brick and mortar location that also caters. I like the appeal of a mobile setup with low overhead but at the end of the day, the food truck hustle sucks when you put weather, crowds, and a growing number of local mobile vendors in a small town all into play. A lot of folks have this misconception that the food business is easy, it's a tough way to make a living!
  15. I set us up a Facebook page and stay pretty up on it, follow local event planners, etc. On a good day, I usually get 1500 hits on each of our posts without any of the paid marketing Facebook offers businesses, it's all organic traffic via friends and family sharing/liking what I post. I've also used your suggestion, reaching out to our customers to see what they want and our biggest problem is when we set up we are not as accessible to our target market as they want us to be. Typically we set up at our place of regular employment, a large food processing plant with about 500 employees. We can't set up inside the fence so they have to walk a little bit to see us and either have to do so on their 15 minute break or before/after their shift. We've tried to set up centrally inside the gate but management says it poses a safety risk due to the truck traffic. My partner says it's not worth all the time and effort to set up there so we've not set up at work in a month. I get a lot of people asking me why we aren't out there on Fridays anymore and I have make up an excuse other than "we aren't making the kind of money so and so thinks we should be". I want to do the food truck thing, my partner only wants to do multi-day events. So far, we've not been able to find/do any with a serious crowd draw to make the kind of money he feels we should be making. We've got a big one coming up in August so we'll see if it makes what he thinks we should make. I'm hoping this event changes his mind about our image and menu. I don't want to do cheap fair food, I want to do good food people what to eat. We are going to do meal type food and also have a tent set up doing the funnel cakes/confectionary stuff at this event and will see what does better... I'll be doing the food and he's going to do the sweets. There can only be one winner!