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  1. Interesting topic, I’m entering the target shooting hobby with my new Ruger AR-556 and hope to pick up a Ruger Precision in 6.5 Creedmore or .308 in the very near future. I love shooting sports!
  2. I’m exclusively using B&B Lump now days. It started when I got two 40 pound bags at Academy Sports for $15 each last year and I’ve never looked back. Never any off flavors or trash, always find nice sized hunks in the bag, and it burns awesome. I also am a big fan of their smoke wood chunks. Tonight I’ll be firing up the Big Joe with their Hickory blended Texas style lump and Post Oak chunks for a brisket and butt cook.
  3. Mr Cue

    Thermal Fuses

    Mom and Dad have an old skool pioneer stereo and some Cerwin-Vega floor speakers, every now and again Mom would pop a fuse in the crossover playing AC/DC a little too loud. Dad can’t find the slow-blow fuses that are supposed to go in there so he said to hell with it, left them out, and now Mom can’t crank up her cleaning music any more.
  4. I have a bluetooth anova and it works well, even when I set it and then disconnect. Not sure if your unit has Bluetooth as well, but if it does, I’d try that. As far as having issues over wifi, there may be some other equipment causing interference or it may be something with your router/gateway. I’d check up on that first. Make sure your WiFi is broadcasting on a clear channel and that everything is set up properly on that end.
  5. From the USDA site: https://www.usda.gov/media/blog/2013/01/28/whats-your-beef-prime-choice-or-select?page=1 These are just budget cuts of meat. RD sells a lot of cuts you won’t find at retail markets, such as peeled beef knuckles, pork cushion roast, etc. An experienced chef will know how to turn these lesser quality cuts into a restaurant grade meal and you can too if you do a little research and do some knife work. Nothing wrong with Standard grade, it’s just going to require some care to make a great meal with it, this might also be a cut you’d want to grind for burger, chopped steaks, and the like. Ask the people at the store, it’s been my experience that they are very helpful.
  6. A buddy of mine has a Jeep that’s been completely sprayed with bedliner, while it’s not my thing, to each their own, it’s far less annoying than some of the current truck trends like the Carolina squat.
  7. Really surprised about the lack of love for Bad Byron’s, I use it quite often and have branched out to different stuff from Plowboy’s Yardbird, Killer Hog’s The BBQ Rub, and the like but never found Bad Byron’s ruined anything. It’s a salt based rub, you don’t cake it on like a sugar based rub. Apply enough to lightly coat the meat, let it set during the cook, and layer a sugar rub over top of it. Results are always awesome at my house.
  8. Wow, 3-5 days is amazing, I’m good with 20 hours right now. I could probably go longer but I try to eat from noon to four and what I do eat is keto. Been wanting to push to 24 and see what’s next but I’m having success with this and I want to keep it sustainable. I’ve dropped 30 pound in 8 weeks but only been doing intermittent fasting about 3 weeks and the pounds have really started coming off with the fasting. All I’ve done is diet modification. I don’t work out and I walk a few miles a day during the course of my work day. So far it’s been working well. Fasting is very helpful if you can adjust to it and listen to your body.
  9. Also, if you want a crispy exterior, steam during the bake is what you need. Those nice loaves of crusty French bread and Chicago style hard rolls are all cooked in a steam oven. I learned this as a baker’s apprentice at Publix Supermarkets years ago.
  10. I used my Jerky Cannon to stuff venison and gouda summer sausage in three pound fibrous casings, worked like a champ. That was the first time I’d done that before and I forgot to soak the casing but it worked just as well. I let them set up in the fridge overnight before doing a hot smoke for a few hours. Was all very tasty.
  11. Very sorry for your loss, I can relate to how you’re dealing with it all. When my mother in law unexpectedly passed last year the day before thanksgiving, all I could do was fire up the Big Joe and proceed with the meal as planned to help take my mind off things. When my good friend lost his infant daughter, I did the same thing in order to help raise money for the family. Cooking just brings me some solace. Again, I’m deeply sorry for your loss, I hope you all can find comfort in one another, cherish the time and people you have today.
  12. Was really hoping that one would end up on clearance at a local store but they’re holding that $799 price tag. They probably have stock at a distribution center and aren’t sitting on them in store so I probably won’t ever see the sweet deal I’ve heard of others getting. Missed on a $450 Classic on FB market place, seen a $500 early model Big Joe that needed its wheels replaced in the stand, might offer up a trade to the guy if it’s still posted in another week or see if he’ll budge on his price. I don’t like the idea of a ceramic cooker with no warranty as he’s likely registered it and made a warranty claim already but I would love to have another Big Joe!!!
  13. Congrats, that is a sweeeeet looking cooker! I've been wanting a pellet grill for a while but I've got champagne taste and beer money... A Yoder YS1500 is what I really want but any decently built cooker of similar capacity would do.
  14. Sure, I believe a lot is hype, like Certified Angus Beef... Less than 10% of Beef is supposedly good enough to be labeled CAB and they claim it’s better than USDA Prime but then they throw a USDA Choice label beside the CAB sticker... it’s all about marketing to the right demographic. But if a board certified physician with no skin in the game tells me that grass fed is better for you than regular grain fed beef, I’ll entertain the notion.
  15. I’ve been interested in trying grass fed beef for the health aspects of it, grass fed beef is high in Omega-3 fatty acids instead of inflammatory Omega-6s. However, I really don’t like the price and don’t see how a cut of beef with so little intramuscular fat is better for you on a HFLC diet when you are also trying to watch your protein intake but that’s maybe me not completely understanding the science. If you look at grass fed animal produced butter, such as Kerrygold Irish Butter, it has a higher fat content then other non-grass fed premium butters. In the end, it’s about eating healthier, which I am trying to do. One day I’ll drop the extra coin on it to see for myself but as of this writing, I find it pretty hard to resist a nice USDA Choice or higher ribeye steak!
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