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  1. My local Lowe’s has big block for $19 a bag. I picked up 40 pound bags of B&B Oak lump today at Academy Sports for $14.96, hope it’s good, got two bags!
  2. Nice, I used to go to Ocala for work quite often when I lived in Florida, have to check this out when we go to visit mom and dad. If you want to eat some awesome wings, or so I’m told they are, check out Crunchies and Munchies in Ocala, a friend of mine who lives here and is from Ocala is friends with the owners and said they are the best he’s ever had.
  3. Smash burgers is my number one cook on my Blackstone 28”. I’ve done breakfast, “teppanyaki”, brats/peppers, and all that but diner style burgers is my go to cook and no one’s complaining, lol.
  4. Stuff I can afford!!! I bought a KJ because the value of the Divide and Conquer system was unbeatable. Then I got a half moon griddle and extender rack, beyond that, I just can’t justify the expense of the JoeTisserie, iKamand, or even buying a new model. I realize the prices are to help offset the cost of development but man, it’s just too much; I’m just lucky the Mrs allowed me to drop $1599 + tax on the Big Joe 3 years ago!
  5. Looks good but I tend to stay away from “smoked” mac n cheese rather opting to use liquid smoke in my cheese sauce and go from there. I find that the pasta absorbs too much smoke on the cooker and is off-putting to most.
  6. Hello from up the road, neat handle, are you another working schlub from the assembly plant? I spent a year there, glad I got out!
  7. Low n slow, put it low. If you’re looking to cook indirect between 325°-400°F, put it on the x-rack. 475°F+ (for pizza) I set it on the grates and elevate my pizza stone in the dome.
  8. Looks awesome! I was invited to a Facebook smoker recipes group and someone was asking about burnt ends, like what cut of meat they could use and some people, myself included, recommended cuts other that brisket point... oh my.... the controversy and comments. I decided to leave the group after that one, too many narrow minded idiots who think that bbq is some set in stone deal. I’m glad that everyone here is chill about stuff like that but I guess it’s to be expected when we’re all using the non-traditional kamado to smoke/bbq in.
  9. Been washing/rinsing off meat for 15+ years and haven’t died or killed anyone yet. I usually do my prep work close to the sink and when I’m done, everything gets cleaned and sanitized.
  10. Excellent, I’ll be letting my buddies know about your site as well as ordering my own stuff.
  11. @MossyMO do you all offer a decent rate on shipping? What turns me off about buying spices online is paying $15 to ship two bottles of spice that would have otherwise easily fit in a $5 USPS box. I have a lot of friends who live locally and bbq who are in the same boat, we’re looking for someone who’s not out to scalp us on shipping.
  12. I got one of the mid level covers from Cover Store Dot Com for my Big Joe, it was about $60 and very well made. Fit and function are top notch. Highly recommend them. I only put the cover on during the winter months so the lid doesn’t get iced shut.
  13. Another vote for Kamado Joe, I moved up to a Big Joe from an Akorn three years ago and never once had a single regret.
  14. Gotta watch getting into that "exotic" stuff... It'll ruin ya, lol. I browse from time to time, sometimes I see a thread that catches my eye and I throw my 2 cents in. This is still the authoratative source for kamado cooking though, anytime someone asks me about how I like my kamado or what techniques I use, I point them here because some people need to see and read it, then they get hooked!
  15. @CentralTexBBQ lots of factors for sure. I was expecting to have grey meat to cut of but found none. I wish I would have taken pictures of the process but the end process was a little rushed and very impromptu. I was planning on cooking the brisket a few weeks earlier but the timing didn't work and the I had a need to do it so that 1) the meat didn't spoil 2) I was feeding a crowd 3) I just really wanted to cook a brisket! I prefer to wet age all my sub primal beef cuts I get in a cryovac, I feel that the flavor and tenderness is superior to just taking it out the bag and using inside its Use By date. I've experimented with Select, Choice, and CAB (which is supposed to be better than Prime but idk about all that, I feel it's just marketing) cuts and find that a 30 day wet age makes a better finished product, at least to me. I've also spoke a bit on this with a now retired co-worker; he had a background in Commercial Beef Production. He advocates the wet aging process as well, who am I to argue with someone who has a masters degree in Food Science?
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