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  1. Mr Cue

    Water In Dome Thermometer

    It got worse after trying the above methods, thought about the warranty claim.
  2. Mr Cue

    Water In Dome Thermometer

    Thanks @John Setzler.
  3. Mr Cue

    Water In Dome Thermometer

    It’s been like this for a few weeks, my OCD just got the best of me and I figured I’d try to fix it before it gets cold and the temps get to freezing. Being inside has helped it a little bit I think it’ll fog up again once it’s outside. Cooking hasn’t warmed it up enough to cure it. Not sure how this happened, it’s not been abused or anything like that, it just really annoys me to have an $1800 cooker with a thermometer like that.
  4. Mr Cue

    Water In Dome Thermometer

    I wasn’t initially worried about it either but then it practically covered the entire face of the thermometer.
  5. Mr Cue

    Water In Dome Thermometer

    Had some water vapor get into the thermometer which has now condensated on the glass. I took it off and have had it in a bag of rice for the last two days but it hasn’t helped any. Suggestions?
  6. Mr Cue

    Barbecue Chicken Pizza

    Nice, I love a good bbq chicken pizza!
  7. Sounds like you over cooked them; when I bbq chicken I always use thighs and debone them. Leave the skin intact and wrap the thigh with it after liberally seasoning under and on top of it. Cook the thighs at 325-375°F, indirect, until they are about 180°F internal temp. I’ve never had dry chicken of any type on my Big Joe.
  8. Mr Cue

    Steak Dinner

    Certified Angus Beef
  9. Mr Cue

    Steak Dinner

    Made some filet tacos with the left overs, two good meals!
  10. Since the beef filet was so tasty, I decided to do a pork tenderloin a few days ago. Marinaded in Italian dressing, glazed with peach preserves, served with roasted red potatoes and herbs, and bacon sautéed cabbage.
  11. Cook from last weekend, don't usually get Saturday's off so I felt the need to celebrate with a nice CAB filet, sautéed 'shrooms n onions, and a twice baked potato all on the Big Joe.
  12. Mr Cue

    Gonna Cure a Fresh Ham

    I also injected the ham before it went in the brine to soak. It was rosy pink, tasted of ham, and had the ham texture when I cooked it. I agree that I don't think it could cure in 10 days just brining alone. Injection is necessary.
  13. Mr Cue

    Understanding Different Flours!

    Interesting. I’m surprised that as more and more people are getting into specialty baking that they don’t include analytics on the flour. We use about 25,000lbs of bread flour in my department at work every day and with each delivery we get, there is a detailed analytics report. These reports include things like moisture content, protein, and a few other things. About a month ago we hit what is called “new crop” flour. Typically this flour behaves very different from what we get earlier in the year. One of the noticeable things about it is “clean up time”; the amount of time it takes the flour to mix in a given amount of water and form a neat ball. New crop flour is taking upwards of 2 additional minutes to clean up vs the same product from earlier in the year. To combat this we have to adjust our mix times and water; most of the time we will cut 10-25 pounds of water in a mix and increase overall mix time by a full minute over two stages. We also find that dough temperatures need to be a bit higher than what we’re used to getting in order for the finished product to properly mix. I don’t ever see anyone talk about dough temperature, it’s very important and a few degrees can drastically affect your final mix. Baking is very much a science and an interesting one at that!
  14. Mr Cue

    Venison Summer Sausage

    I’ve got a batch of frozen meat already seasoned that I need to defrost and smoke. Seems like a good project for my next weekend off.
  15. Mr Cue

    Gonna Cure a Fresh Ham

    FWIW, I followed Greg from Ballistic BBQ’s home cured ham method and it worked great. I did a 10 Day equilibrium cure of an 18 pound bone in ham and it was excellent. I did this back in 2016 I think, it was posted here on Kamado Guru.