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  1. A little late to the party but I also got a coverstore cover for my Big Joe and it's very robust, I just need to use it more!
  2. Mr Cue

    Chuck Clod Heart

    A smoked chuck roast pulls nicely and can be very good, there are quite a few cooks involving the chuckie, as some call it, on the site. I made a really good Italian beef with one last year, been meaning to do it again.
  3. Mr Cue

    Chuck Clod Heart

    It's a very good cut for low n slow and as a brisket substitute; I did 50 lbs for a wedding last year on my Big Joe and it was a hit! I seasoned liberally with a salt, pepper, garlic, onion powder, and paprika rub. The only thing I wish I would have done was slice it at service rather than ahead of time, it will dry out just like sliced brisket that sits too long. Cook it just as you would a pork shoulder or brisket.
  4. Mr Cue

    Kamado Konfused

    I had an Akorn for three years and converted several friends to the kamado cooking realm in that time. During that time I enjoyed the cooking and food I made but still wanted that ceramic and more real estate. The Akorn eventually gave up the ghost and I went for the Big Joe; everything I wanted was included and they keep innovating and releasing new goodies I want like the Joetisserie, and 2017 updates. If money wasn't an issue, I wouldn't have thought twice about buying a Komodo Kamado but I have to keep things realistic for me and my family; a cooker that cooks no more than the average sized grill and costs as much as a decent used car just doesn't fit us. KJ has a great warranty and customer service. Some have had less than good luck with it, as some of the angry (and locked) threads here may portray, but I think those are largely Canadian consumers and I believe the issue lies in the fact that the issues have third party involvement in them and therefore are not getting the kind of support we get domestically in the US. Any of the cookers you listed are fine tools and will give you a lifetime of use when properly cared for, you really can't go wrong whichever way you go; it's mostly a matter of what is available to you, what you're comfortable spending, and what color you like. Best of luck to you!
  5. Good perspective input. I absolutely hate dealing with a third party and will avoid it where possible when buying something with such significant cost. Third party contractors are usually the lowest dollar option, not sure why companies want to stake their reputations on the lowest bidder but it happens everyday.
  6. Mr Cue

    New table build

    Ooooh, very nice, looks like you used some basic joinery to handle the weight of the kamado, I want to build a table of similar fashion for my Big Joe. Did you follow any plans or do this one on your own? Welcome me to the site!
  7. Glad you got took care of, brother. I found a few cracks in my firebowl last year and promptly received a replacement a week or so later. As the newly revised bowl had not been released, I got an old one but that's just as well, it's still in its box in the garage for when I absolutely need it. I can't speak on KJ's behalf but I can say that I've had 100% positive interactions with them. For those who haven't had such a wonderful experience, I can appreciate your dismay. It seems like our Far North friends tend to get raked over the coals a little bit in regard to claims and that sucks but it's not a valid reason to disregard John's rules and post inflammatory stuff here. Take it to the forums of the manufacture you are dealing with. If it's Kamado Joe, their forums are barely moderated, at least such was the case last time I visited, and have your say over there. Don't ruin the good time the rest of us are having here by provoking moderation and zealous members.
  8. I ate some ribs at a comp that were cooked in a $50 scratch n dent Traeger; those same ribs took 1st place that day amongst a few dozen competitors.
  9. Mr Cue

    Quesadilla Burgers

    Looks good! The quesadilla burger was my wife's favorite thing to get at Applebee's but sadly they closed the only one around here so I occasionally make them at home. She likes hers without the pico and a side of BBQ sauce.
  10. Mr Cue

    Lightning Brisket - What Now?

    There are some good documentaries out there chronicling Franklin's technique and one in particular I found that shows someone working a full 24 hours at Franklin's BBQ. In the video, they claim to run the pits around 300°F for the brisket cooks. I thought this was a little hot and very contradictory to traditional BBQ cooking in a stickburner but that's what they said they do.
  11. My buddy is using his without any problems, what device are you all using the app on that's giving you issues?
  12. Mr Cue

    KJ Newbie. Overheated Overnight.

    This was my immediate thinking; you had a grease fire. I'll disagree with others saying it wasn't stable, if it sets there for 1 hour with less than 10° fluctuation in either direction, it's likely stabilized. I run my Big Joe with the bottom vent wide open and can stabilized at 210-225°F with top vent control but it will go up some as the meat nears the end of the cook. In the future, I'd either include a drip pan or wrap the butt after the bark sets to contain the grease and prevent a grease fire temp spike. Best of luck!
  13. My buddy in Buffalo just won second place at the local fair with a picture he entered that was shot with his iPhone 7! It was a stunning picture of a leaf on a brick paver patio with a few drops of dew on it. No filters or additional editing, just printed on a commercial photo printer. Couldn't believe it.
  14. Mr Cue

    LEM Jerky Cannon Snack Sticks

    Standard. He's moved his asking price down to $1250 OBO.