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  1. Thats all I need it to do! I was really hoping you'd go with the tuned setup rather than the Flame Boss though. I like when something does just as it needs to without spending all the money on fancy gadgets and such. I'm curious to see what it takes to get a UDS to reach a temp and just stay there without any further intervention.
  2. I considered it when mine went to the wayside as yours did. For the first two years I had it I kept it under a covered porch but the rivnuts backed out in the dome making the lid very sketchy to open. Issues compounded once we moved and it was no longer under cover but rather on an open air deck; in six months it was terribly rusted and I couldn't even bring myself to cook on it. I always wanted more space and better quality; when I got the Akorn, a XL Big Green Egg is what I wanted, I settled on the Akorn, and got educated about Kamado Joe. Now I have a Big Joe, it does what I want it to do but is a bit costly when compared to the initial purchase of a cheaper kamado. I bought into the brand because of the warranty, service, and quality. The only way I'd buy another Akorn was if they: made it bigger gave it a real multi-level cooking system fixed the issues with the hardware and gave it a more sturdy hinge mechanism Those were my three key issues with the Akorn. I feel that if they fixed those things then they would make it hard to justify spending the money on ceramic. The Weber Summit Charcoal has done all these things but it costs more than my Big Joe. I looked a one in a store a few weeks ago and my immediate thought was "Why has Char-Griller not went this way with the Akorn?"
  3. Sounds like I'm going to find out because spending money on more equipment is not an option right now.
  4. Yum! Love chicken quesadillas, yours look great! I do mine in a cast iron skillet but these could easily be done on our 24" flat top... May be doing these on the food trailer sometime! You always do great dishes that inspire, @MossyMO!
  5. Following this! I've got access to un-lined food grade barrels and already have one. Got the weber grate already, have tons of stainless hardware.... I've been toying with the UDS idea for a while. My biggest concern was that I spent $1599+ on Big Joe to do essentially the same thing as a drum could have done at a lot less cost. Now I need the extra space and the UDS is a viable solution I already have most of the parts and tools needed to build it, just need a plan and a few hours. @John Setzler I know your UDS will work so I'm watching and learning here. I won't use a flame boss though as I need to do this as cheaply as possible. My UDS would use the old ball valve and stack for temp control.
  6. Been seeing your posts on Facebook, good stuff!
  7. We bought two of the slot dogs for use on our hotdog cart, still waiting for delivery so we can try them out!
  8. Nice! We need a meat slicer for the food trailer but I'm hesitant to buy a used one.
  9. That was a stressful cook! I had to do two batches over a period of 23 hours and hope it all turned out well so bridezilla didn't go off on me!
  10. My business partner says I need to sell the Camaro and get a truck or park it in the garage; either way, he says I'm a nut for daily driving a collectible car.
  11. I'd hate for the health inspector to see that!
  12. One day when this food business makes me rich I'll have one of those for my backyard entertainment area by the lake... Always got to have a goal to focus on!
  13. That is some sage advice, @rwalters. Since we're sharing, I'll make a little confession of my own: My main reason for purchasing the Big Joe was its flexibility but most of the time it gets used as a smoker. I occasionally do pizza and regular grilling on its generally a smoker. Sometimes I regret spending so much on it when I could have bought a big smoker like I really wanted. Honestly, I didn't see this business opportunity coming and couldn't have planned for it anyways. That said, I still love my Joe, I just wish it better suited my needs! I do love that it's pretty easy to manage though and I've even managed to get Mrs. Cue to tend to it while I'm at work and doing an all day cook! That's probably the most rewarding part right there, to share a hobby that I'm passionate about with my wife because we are such polar opposites when it comes to our interests.
  14. I have a KJ Extender Rack but it easily gets crowded with 5+ Boston butts on there! I've done six or seven at once but the airflow was so limited it about choked the fire out. Everyone raves about our pulled pork loaded fries and nachos so it's imperative I keep the flavor/quality on point. I'd love to add another Big Joe to the arsenal but we have to watch our spending until we start making some good money. Loaded fries: Loaded Nachos: