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  1. Big Joe 3 - anyone else have to re-adjust dome alignment (overbite), tighten the lift spring, and nudge the bands a little tighter after every high temp cook (650-700) for pizza?
  2. Works perfectly as a grill but it takes time to learn how to use it that way. In my experience, I had to get used to grilling with the lid closed, otherwise temps would run away quickly. Once you learn how to set the draft, close the lid, and trust it, you can grill direct and control intensity of heat very well. Additionally, the basket has a divider so you can easily set up a direct and indirect side... my setup 99% of the time when grilling.
  3. 20oz, 304 18/8 food grade stainless cups
  4. No stability issues at all... worked perfectly. Cooked 3 back to back between 550-600, slightly noticable difference than lower in the cooker. If you look closely you can see the pepperoni has started to char a bit, exactly what I wanted. I've never been able to do this lower in the cooker except at much, much higher temps.
  5. I've cooked about 6 already using 1" spacers and didn't have a problem with the peel. I cheat and use a 16" Non-Stick Super Peel... it makes picking up and dropping dough a non-event. If I didn't have it, I would worry about exactly what you said. I cornmeal the stone just before dropping the pizza, so I haven't had an issue with one sticking. I don't use the Super Peel to pull them off... just a normal huge wooden peel and spatula to push it on. My intent here is to see if higher in the dome cooks the top differently.
  6. Anyone tried a pizza stone this high in a Big Joe III? It seems very stable, sits a little more than 1" below the temp probe, and looks like plenty of room around the edge for airflow.
  7. Ok, just didn't want to break anything.
  8. I've read that the acorn nuts for all the brackets are torqued to 10 ft lbs but haven't been able to find how tight to torque the bands around the base and dome. Any ideas?
  9. Any way to adjust dome alignment (front to back) on a Big Joe 3? The "overbite" affects how I have to position the support rack when using the slow roller. The lid will not close with the rack sitting at 0, 90, 180, and 270.
  10. I did contact them about the seam, which did no good at all, but I didn't know about the jacked up vent at the time. I had not used it yet.
  11. It was an online order, and I didn't have time to open the box for 3-4 days... so, kinda stuck.
  12. It was an online order. Unfortunately KJ's response was that they would fixt it if it breaks.
  13. Ok, I just ordered the forth... I sure hope this one arrives in good condition. No local dealers.
  14. Yeah, I though about taking that piece out, I can see ash down there already. The seam is hideous, looks much worse in person... like it was a reject, sold anyway.
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