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  1. Any way to adjust dome alignment (front to back) on a Big Joe 3? The "overbite" affects how I have to position the support rack when using the slow roller. The lid will not close with the rack sitting at 0, 90, 180, and 270.
  2. I did contact them about the seam, which did no good at all, but I didn't know about the jacked up vent at the time. I had not used it yet.
  3. It was an online order, and I didn't have time to open the box for 3-4 days... so, kinda stuck.
  4. It was an online order. Unfortunately KJ's response was that they would fixt it if it breaks.
  5. Ok, I just ordered the forth... I sure hope this one arrives in good condition. No local dealers.
  6. Yeah, I though about taking that piece out, I can see ash down there already. The seam is hideous, looks much worse in person... like it was a reject, sold anyway.
  7. I can understand the vent being a little crooked and off center but it's to the point that the pan is hard to get out. It rakes against the ceramic on the left and metal opening on the right.
  8. I'm not asking for perfection but I know of no one that would buy a new Toyota with an extra seam down the bonnet and wonky wing mirror. It seems there is more quality control in much cheaper alternatives. Also, I'm not looking for sympathy, just sharing my initial experience with the brand while trying to determine if this is on par with what others are seeing as well. Not to worry mate regarding my contributions, I'll help anyone if I can.
  9. Ordered three so far, one arrived smashed, the other two had large chips missing. Is it worth the trouble, do they really sear that good?
  10. Finally made the plunge and purchased a Big Joe III. (1) Extra line of ceramic makes my Kamado look like it has a seam. Response - "This can happen from the molding process and will not cause you any issues." My thought - Would you buy a new car with a shoddy quarter panel? (2) Bottom vent was drilled and installed crooked. I assume there is no way to fix this. Bottom right metal vent opening is a little lower than flush with the ceramic but the bottom left metal opening is jacked up 3/8" higher than the ceramic. (3) The left side of the bottom vent is completely flush with the ceramic. This makes getting the ash pan out a PITA. The metal pan is so tight against the ceramic that it's already being chiseled away (left side gray spot) by simply removing the ash pan a couple times. I've cooked twice since receiving it last week. Again, I assume there is no way to fix this. The last two issue I haven't approached them about. Is this typical quality control for KJ?
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