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  1. I have a sirloin tip toast, fairly lean meat. I wonder if anyone has experience injecting with bacon grease or melted butter to add fat content and flavor to the meat.
  2. For many of our cooks, we pause at some point and wrap. Then we put the meat back on the grill to finish. At this point, the meat isn't getting smoke, so why not save charcoal, shut down the grill, and finish in the oven? Seems like this would be especially convenient during inclement weather, or when that brisket is going to finish late into the night it might be more convenient. I know, I know... we're GRILLING. But...
  3. The Spicy Citrus Mojo is <SPICY>. If you use this, sprangly is enough.
  4. Finished at 162° while it was raining. Rested them in a pan with aluminium foil ehile warming veggies. Served with green beans, fresh broccoli, cowboy baked beans.
  5. Trying something a little different. Our grocery meat department cuts meatvfrom near the ribs, they are actually nice suze chunks of tender pork. I thawed in the regrigerator, tjen around 9am seasoned them with "Spicy Citrus Mojo."
  6. Hi. I also have cold winters. The cold will not affect your ceramic grill, putting a cover on is recommended. Using the grill is ok too, but it will likely take more fuel to bring it to temperature. That's what I found in the research.
  7. Earlier in the summer my wife (who orders groceries online from our local grocery due to COVID and now by habit) ordered a couple of briskets for me to cook. Now that I've watched a few videos and dumped the tiny smoker in favor of an Akorn, I want to give brisket a try. The brisket is a $45 Choice trimmed flat. So far, I've gotten my Akorn to settle in around 250°-260° and I worry about shorter cook times vs drying out. I also wonder if we still cook to ~200°? Seems to be more fat on the bottom, should I flip it over for cooking? Also, has anyone tried a layer of bacon across the top of the rub? Any other thoughts for me?
  8. Hi. I got my Akorn a few short months ago and have tried a few cooks on it. Learning the vents and making mistakes, but learning. I also have a 36" flattop griddle and I just replaced my old gas grill with a new one. In my mind, each type of grill has a purpose. My home is Fargo ND but I stay at our Lake Home on Big Cormorant Lake near Audubon MN most of the time.
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