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  1. Thanks PHEAD.....are these orderable as I can't see anywhere where you can order this hinge. Also great tip on the kontroller tower.....agree the crome is a little tough on the eyes but will absolutely do the job! Will keep everyone posted & will share the 1st cook when I get one.....don't think anyone has stock of the BJ2 till mid October so will need to see if I can take a look at them then (and hopefully out of Sydney lockdown by then!!). Thanks again everyone....glad to be part of the community!!!
  2. Thanks John great advise. Still in bloody lockdown here in Sydney Australia so hard to go and have a look at either unfortunately .I have a mate is the US who has the 2 and loves it. Think I will wait and see how much the air hinge gets me over the line. He showed me a video of the kontroller tower on his Joe Junior compared to the Big Joe 2 and does look better on the 2 as well!. Will see if I can look at both at the end of lockdown but again guys thanks for the quick response and feedback! Will be coming back for more tips once I get my Big Joe no doubt!
  3. Hi All Interested on feedback. Looking to buy a Bib Joe but trying to work out what I should buy. In Australia I can get the Big Joe 1 for about $1800 where the Big Joe 2 is $1500 more. With the extra $1500 I could get a whole bunch of accessories. Differences i can see between the 2 are the air lift hinge, the gasket and the controller top vent. Is that really worth $1500? Would love some advise before I drop big money on either Joe.
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