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    Anything to do with fire! Open flame grilling, smoking, low and slow, braai, BBQ
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  1. This is pretty much exactly what happened to me - takes it to the next level! So much good cooking ahead. We've got a renovation ahead with 6 months of no kitchen - at this point I'm pretty happy about that! This bad boy is going to get a workout!
  2. Thanks will do! It's pronounced "bry" - any open wood or coal fire is basically a braai in SA. Just need fire, meat, beer and hungry company!
  3. Thanks Rodz, will need to pick your brain for some local knowledge sometime! Let's hope we can get friends and family around the bbq again soon.
  4. I know a very old post - but this is exactly what I thought of doing when playing around with my new Big Joe. Could I follow up to see (it's been 4 years since this post!) if you've been able to carry on doing this with no issues or damage? Seems to me like a really good way of getting quick hot grilling when you're not looking to heat up the Kamado (instead of using another grill or Joe Jnr.) Cheers
  5. Very happy with the choice so far - this thing is an absolute tank! And thanks for the welcome. Now we just need some good weather back, an end to the never ending lockdowns and a whole lot of meat!
  6. Hello from Melbourne, Australia! Being a South African I've grown up grilling (braaing we call it) on open wood and charcoal fires - it's a national past time and something just in our DNA! After much reading I decided to add to the versatility and go for a BIG JOE! Just a note to introduce and also to give a huge shout out to all the members who's contributions have been invaluable in making the decision and ensuring that the bug has bitten! John Setzler, ckreef, Jack., keeperovdeflame, KismetKamado, Ben S etc. you are all an awesome source of knowledge, tips and ideas. And - 1st steaks were great, but the whole chicken next was out of this world. Very excited to get stuck into it and "braai" on my Joe! Cheers, James
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