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  1. Thank you everyone. I’m starting to realize the importance of uniform pieces of lump. Had a cook go awry today because I wasn’t paying attention to how uniform my pieces were and I was getting spikes in my temps. I grabbed a bag of lump at Walmart that Masterbuilt says is best for their gravity smokers. I didn’t think much of it because lump should be lump haha.
  2. Okay @philpom got a new question for you. I have charcoal leftover from my last cook. Advice on what to keep/what to toss and where it should go when starting my next fire? I've read a ton of stuff about managing the airflow so I'm just worried that my next cook will have a snuffed out fire because I didn't get out all of the small bits. So how small would be too small?
  3. Yeah I was also wondering if it was possible for the temp to overshoot first then come back down as the dome heats up. Is that a thing?
  4. Thank you @philpom. I used your temperature setting guide for every one of my low n slow cooks.
  5. Hey everyone! I have fallen in love with these forums since being given an Akorn about a month ago. Since then I’ve tackled pork shoulder, whole spatchcocked chicken, and a brisket flat. I’m learning so much thanks to you all. Oh I also grilled some hotdogs and burgers for the famil lunch and steak and shrimp for me haha. I had bought a two probe thermometer so I could monitor my temp at grate level but I realize it didn’t allow me to set a high and low setting. That’s being swapped out with a new thermostat that isn’t dependent on wifi or Bluetooth. My questions are: 1) should I preheat the smoker before hand once it gets to temperature? Or throw the meat on as soon as it settles in at my target temp? 2) on the digital thermometers they sense every little fluctuation in temp. When should I be concerned if it deviates from my target temp? 3) Grilling: do I close the vents down the same way when I smoke when I’m doing higher temp cooking?
  6. Greetings everyone. I've stumbled on this site several times through Google and decided to join the community. I had a friend give me their old Akorn Kamado so I have started my journey into the era of smoking and BBQ. I come from using gas grills so the art of smoking is new to me (though being near KC I am an avid BBQ lover) Looking forward to learning!
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