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  1. IMHO, your Dad can probably grill a great steak on his Webber gasser. But he could never turn out a spatchcock chicken anywhere near as moist and good as you can on your Joe. Quick and easy, too. Congrats, btw, great choice!
  2. I throw them in with some chuck and top sirloin when I grind burger meat. Adds great flavour and texture.
  3. My sister-in-law asked me the same question recently. I recommended KJ. This was based on quality, features, all-in pricing (you don't get nickled and dimed for deflector plates, etc.) and what I have heard of their customer service. And no, I don't own one. If you have the budget you might also look at the Primo ovals. For me, the oval shape makes indirect cooking or reverse sears really simple. Disclosure" I do own (and love) a Primo. Really, as others have said, it's hard to go too far wrong with any of the the cookers you have mentioned.
  4. You have some great cooking and eating ahead of you! Enjoy.
  5. Well, your time, technique and temperatures aren't too far off DerHusker's Pepper Stout Beef, which I have made a few times and really enjoy. One thing I have noticed though, is that a chuck never (at least when I do one) gets as easy to pull apart with a fork as a pork butt. When I was shredding it I had to rip some chunks apart with my hands... real pulled beef!
  6. That looks great! As a small variation, after curing roll it in cornmeal. That will give you a nice crunchy sort of bark after it comes out of the smoker and is what a Canuck calls "peameal" bacon.
  7. I tried smoking fish once, but couldn't get it to stay lit. Not that funny, I know but I just had to say it. Seriously, though, I did smoke rainbow trout in a jury-rigged steel drum to old fridge rig years ago and loved the result. Be interested in what you do with a modern setup. Welcome, from just up the road!
  8. Never heard of it, and it's just up the street! Thanks. How does it compare to Ontario Gas?
  9. That looks pretty well medium rare to me. Makes my mouth water!!
  10. Great looking pizzas! I have to try 00 for sure. Can you tell me where I could pick up a KK pizza stone? Yours looks awesome.
  11. I tried Meathead's recipe for Boston Baked Beans (amazingribs.com). They went into an aluminum pan under a butt that I was smoking this summer. I put them in when i figured i was about three hours away, and checked them every so oftern like MH says to. Exact times aren't possible to give, for either the pork or the beans, 'cause they're done when they're done. Just keep checking and you'll know when they're right. They turned out amazing. I am only a moderate baked beans fan and my wife doesn't like them at all. We both loved these and our guests hoovered them up.
  12. A Canadian would call that "back bacon". And the true Canadian version (Ontario style) is rolled in cornmeal, and called "peameal bacon". ('Cause it used to be rolled in ground dried yellow peas). The meal was supposed to aid in the drying process after the meat was removed from the brine. To me, though, it's just a real tasty sort of bacon bark. I make it in the summer and smoke it on the Kamado. It's outstanding. Wish I could sample some of yours.
  13. Love Uber, although the City of Toronto government seems to be at war with them. They just introduced a new service, UberHOP. It hooks up small groups of people needing a ride downtown from high population areas that transit doesn't service well. Sort of like a carpool on your phone. Sounds like a great idea.
  14. Yes, love to see the video! Thanks, John...looks like you just helped us figure out Christmas day.
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