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  1. Just got the BJ II, you also get $100 off the freestanding or $200 of the cart combo when you go to checkout as well. I figured a $200 discount plus a free $200 joetisserie was probably the best deal I'd see this holiday season and pulled the trigger. Can't wait to set it up and get cookin.
  2. Let me preface this by saying I know this has been asked a million times, and I read all of the posts. However, very few look purely at the actual costs per item in the packages and I wanted to verify if my calculations were correct or if I was missing a key component. I am getting a Kamado-style cooker as a wedding gift and I am trying to discover which one is the better value given they are both good cookers. I will be building it into a new outdoor kitchen so I am not concerned about the freestanding cart values. Based on the cost calculation below, with the cookers prices from Atlanta Grill Co and most BGE accessories coming from CGS it appears that the primary PRICE differential between the BGE XL and BJ 3 options derives from the inclusion of the Kamado SloRoller. If you want this piece of equipment, which doesn't seem like it works on the BGE, then the value proposition is pretty even. The value ascribed to a 3 tier system (BJ 3) vs a 2 tier (BJ 2) must be worth ~$121 to the purchaser. I know the gasket on Kamado Joe's are better and the reduced weight lid is nice, which would seem to tilt it toward the Kamado Joe or provide breakeven depending on value ascribed. Is there anything I am missing? It seems like the Carts/stands themselves are a big driver of the price/value differential, but as I am building it in I have no need for a cart/stand and excluded it from my calculations. All Said and done it looks like it would cost me ~$2450 once I tack on some Cast Iron Grates, cover, drip pan, and feet. Maybe add $250 for the Dojoe pizza. Looks like you could also make the Big Joe III into a 4 tier system, or the BJ 2 into a 3 tier by adding a Grill expander for 109.99 which is close to the ascribed value per the spreadsheet. Thanks for your time, New Kid on the BBQ
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