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  1. this takes at least 3 days akorn jr is great but can’t do rotisserie without welding up something elaborate I had some 1/4” rod about 2 ft long and a couple of rotisserie prongs. I got a small fry pan about 8” wide and remove handle , this is the base where one end of the rod sits then take the bolt and washers off the top vent. Need to drill out the very slight 1/4” thread in the vent , don’t worry everything still functions fine once you put it back together when not using rotisserie the duck will be loaded onto the rod, prongs tightened, and rod inserted from the bottom of the vent so you can close the lid, then you can put the top vent back on during the cook you can rotate the duck every now and then to avoid burning and hot spots follow this recipe for preparing duck you’ll need a ball pump, lemon, soy sauce, honey , wine and a duck https://www.vietworldkitchen.com/blog/2010/02/homemade-peking-duck-how-to-blow-up-a-duck.html after 2 days, get the temp on the bbq up to 450f , use small pieces of charcoal because you need to fit the pan to sit on the bottom grate and put the charcoal around the outside of this pan fill the pan with about half a cup of salt to catch all the duck fat and prevent smoking . Load the duck in and close the lid. You want to sear it for 5 mins to get the skin crispy. Grip the rod as you open the lid to check the Colour. Shut all the vents to get the temperature down to 375 within about 10 minutes. Keep it at 375 for 45-55 min so total cook time just over an hour remove and let rest. Need to cut a special way, serve with cucumber spring onion and duck sauce
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