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  1. Man, you guys have given me more to consider. I was hoping for some consensus lol. As always what I would love is a bigger budget, but I only have what I have.
  2. I’m about to buy a Kamado, it’ll be my first. I’ve been using a Phoenix gas grill for a very long time but it’s time for a change. I have decided on a Kamado Joe, my budget is in Classic 3 or Big Joe 2 neighborhood and I really don’t know which to get. It’s just me the wife now so I’m not sure the extra size will be needed 85% of the time. However, I do enjoy having family over occasionally and doing some larger cooks for church gatherings. There seems to be a lot of knowledge and experience around here so I figured I’d ask for advise. I’m just not sure if I’d rather have the upgrades of the Classic 3 or the extra size of the Big Joe. So what do you folks recommend, big joe 2 or classic 3?
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