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    Hey @John Setzler All worked out fine, locked the air hinge and adjusted the bands and I now have a flush, airtight dome seal. Thank for the advice. You should do a YouTube video on dome adjustment. Thanks again my friend.
  2. @Turbineatorthis is what I am struggling with. Did you ever get an answer or resolution? Richy
  3. Richy


    Hey John thanks for the speedy reply. I will tackle this when it gets light and let you know how it goes. I'm so gutted I chipped my top dome. :-(
  4. Richy


    Hey guys please help! My top and bottom domes are uneven and smoke is coming from the read of the kamado. Is this a case of loosening the bands? I did this and chipped the edge of the top dome. Many thanks in advance. Richy
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