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  1. The video solved my problem. It showed me what I had done wrong, everything good now. Thanks for your help
  2. I recently purchased KJ classic Charcoal basket. I have two issues that I am concerned about. 1. Because of the hooks at the top of the basket, I am not able to place the grills in lower settings. I can get them lower but they don’t balance. Either I’m missing something on how to set my grills closer to the fire or these hooks make this too difficult. The basket does keep things neater but limits using the BBQ the way I should be able to. Any insight on this would be appreciated. 2. Is it a good idea to take out the grate when using the basket? I have read that this helps the air flow. Any suggestions to make this basket more useful would be appreciated.
  3. Thanks for confirming about smoke not escaping and the link to the video. I just tightened the gasket area that John demonstrated in the video. Hopefully that will solve the problem
  4. I have a relatively new KJ classic and have noticed on the last few cooks that as wood chunks burn, smoke coming out at the very top, which I expect it to do, and smoke escaping out through the center ring. Is that supposed to happen. The strip that is between the lid and bottom of the kettle seems secure. I’m trying to find out if the center should be completely sealed off or if some smoking seeping out is okay. Any insight on this is appreciated. Thanks
  5. Thanks so much for te many excellent replies. Really helps clear up some of my confusion
  6. The meat has been moist and juicy. I have a couple of friends who use the KJ and don’t seem to have that problem. Thanks for your reply. Hopefully some other responses will add to this.
  7. Purchased KJ a classic two months ago and have done about five cooks so far. I have done a roast chicken three times and a thanksgiving Turkey. I researched online and you tube videos and felt I did everything I should have, in all four, we had to finish the birds in the oven. I cooked two of the chickens at 350 with the deflector plates in. Chicken hardly browned at all. On third attempt I was advised to cook at a higher temp which I did setting it at 425. Chicken browned somewhat but wasn’t quite done with a thigh reading of 175. When I used to roast chicken or Turkey in my old electric smoker the birds were brown after one hour and when they reached 165 they were done. These don’t seem to be done or really cooking through. Basically same thing happened with Thanksgiving Turkey. Cooked it at 350 and it barely browned after 3 hours. Ended up cooking it for four hours (13 LBs.) and then took it off and put it in the oven at 350 and twenty minutes later it was perfect. Sorry for the lengthy post but I’m puzzled why I’m not getting on good result on KJ classic and looking for some solutions. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Thanks for the replies. Is the Fireboard 2 drive and fan easy to install and use
  9. Considering one of the temperature controllers for my kamado Joe 2. Any opinions on which ones are the best. Have read about flame boss 400 and 500 and the ikamondo and a few others. Flame boss 500 is expensive and is it clearly better than 400. Any opinions would be appreciated.
  10. Should I not use the heat deflectors on the KJ2 when roasting a chicken?
  11. I used my ne KJ2 for first time. Prepped whole Chicken with dry brine for 5 hours. Set up and got heat up and regulated ate 350 for 5 lb. whole chicken. I used the heat deflectors and forgot to put some wood chunks on the coals (new user error!). Chicken reached 165 in about 50 minutes but chicken did not look done. Wasn’t browned at all. Let it cook longer and checked temp on breast all the way down and it was high 150s. Got it up to 167. Took it off and it appeared to be browning but still didn’t seem quite done. Coals were weakening so we finished it in the oven. Where did I mess up and how do I get it right next time, it seems that maybe I should not have used the heat deflectors but would love some pointers. Thanks in advance for any suggestions
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