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  1. I bought this on E-bay and it was mislabeled. I was trying to get a vent top for my Grill Dome but this is too small. My money was refunded so if you need this it will cost shipping of $10 USPS priority. My guess would be Joe Jr.
  2. I buy pastured pig fat and render my own lard every 2 months but we usually eat the beef fat. Perhaps I will grind it and mix with ground heart for some really yummy burgers.
  3. You both gave excellent reasons that I had not come up with on my own. The "flare-up" especially got my attention. I eat 90% carnivore and fat is a big part of that equation so I was stumped. Thank you!
  4. I've searched and found no answer so, why do you trim the fat on a brisket? I've always cooked them with all the fat but I see everyone talking about trimming. Any info would be appreciated.
  5. In the base starting at the vent door. Every time I look up crack it seems to be in the same spot across all the makers.
  6. So, the first burn off didn't accomplish much. The gunk on ALL the surfaces is measurable, literally was scraping off chunks. I got frustrated and piled the basket high with charcoal this morning and let her rip. White smoke billowing red hot coals, I didn't check the heat because I knew it would stress me out. Hours later and the dome is actually clean! The bottom that was behind the box and ring is still black but there is no more thick stuck on mess. I am seasoning the grate. I had no choice but to clean it to scratch. The spaces in between the ribs were barely open because they were filled in with who knows how many dinners. Yuck! Thank you all for the help with this. What would I use on a hairline crack to keep it from growing?
  7. Thank you so much, both of you! It's going right now. I filled the charcoal basket and left the vents wide open. It's already at 700F and I did remove the thermometer so I'm just going to let it do what it does. I will check it and scrub as you suggested in the morning and start it all over again. I can already see from the upper vent the grill is looking fabulous. Fire ring not so much. I scraped out a 4 gallon bag of nasty from the inside before I even started it. Do I need to re-season my grill when I'm done?
  8. Just curious. I just bought a used Grill Dome and it's in pretty rough shape. It's whole on the outside but the fire box was toast and the finish is worse. I replaced the fire box with a BGE part. It is so desperately filthy I cringed before putting my hands in it. Was completely full of ash and had 2-3" hanging threads of nastiness coming off the cast iron grill. The gasket is barely there. I have ordered everything I need to bring it back to life but I am wondering if I can do a burn off to make sure everything is great before I replace the gaskets? This is my first Kamado and we have a Kamado Joe Jr on the way to use as well. Any advice is very much appreciated.
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