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  1. Bought a BJ3 recently and had two cooks already - I’ve had a good amount of charcoal in basket each time with clean ash tray. I don’t understand why it takes half hr to just heat up to 175F. I can’t even get it past 250 no matter how long I wait. I’m using lump charcoal from Central Market and BB’s. Have the bottom fully open and top vent either fully open or half open. Didn’t seem to matter either way…
  2. if using just half the basket - how long does it take to get up to temp, say 300?
  3. Lol! Let’s keep it at arms length. So DoJoe is a bit too gimmicky?
  4. Thanks guys! Leaning towards BJ given the smaller price difference. I do have a Weber genesis for just sides cooking, but I’ve heard that unless you have a rib rack they won’t fit on a Classic. Also - I think the dojoe for the big joe is a large pizza vs a small to medium for the classic? main concern though is with heating time as I’ve heard BJ takes a lot longer to get up to temp. What’s y’all’s experience with time to 300 deg for both the BJ and classic? Also can you heat up the BJ with just one side of the charcoal basket?
  5. Yep same standard package with the sloroller. Basically save $100 with kJC3 or save $500 with BJ3
  6. So I can get a big joe locally for $1999 or a classic 3 for $1599. Wondering if the excess savings with the BJ makes it worth the $400 difference?
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