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  1. It looks amazing! I'm definitely going to try this
  2. Incredibly beautiful places! It's a blessing to live there
  3. Camembert and cheddar are my top
  4. Welcome to this wonderful place!
  5. Thank you for such an interesting and useful stream! And although, unfortunately, I didn't make it to the broadcast, I watched the recording and enjoyed it very much.
  6. Looks so amazing! Pide is an insanely delicious dish, especially with the fillings that you have cooked with
  7. Preparing in advance, in addition to the pros you named, also helps to get yourself in the holiday mood beforehand, which will also be very important when cooking holiday meals
  8. Totally agree. My friends have also been looking for a house for over a year (they specifically want a house), but are unable to find anything within their means. And there are so many examples
  9. Wow! How much work has been done. Wonderful result!
  10. I tried a very similar dish at a friend's house, only without the onions and celery. It's just something out of this world. We'll definitely make it according to your recipe
  11. Thank you so much for writing it all down! I can't wait to try it! I'm not very good at baking, but together with my mom I'm sure we can do it.
  12. Thanks for sharing! Maybe you have a recipe for this carrot cake? There is no way I can find one that is delicious and has a good composition
  13. Great video and recipe, thank you so much John!
  14. pjooom

    Gyros Meat

    It should be very tasty. I've tried it with chicken and french fries. Yum!
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