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  1. Facebook Marketplace has an unused Primo Oval for sale in North Haverhill New Hampshire, she said she doesn't know the size. It was bought by her father in law a few years ago and he died before using it. It has been covered. She said it is the actual cooker in the picture. Someone is going to look at it later in the week but it is still available. Seems like a good deal no ,matter what size it is.
  2. CVW


    People say they are tired of Fan Boys. I am tired of the few that read posts and inject things into the thread that are not there and then complain about it. I am tired of the few that take offense whenever people give credit where credit is due only to have those few complain because it is not the product they own or like. They could go to their brands manufacturer website forum and hear nothing but praise for their own cookers but then they wouldn't have anything to complain about. There are some nice people on this forum and I appreciate the pics they have shared and also their posts. I also appreciate everything John has done and congratulate him for all he has accomplished. I suppose that makes me a fan boy to those with a limited thought process. I am sure there will be those that will be happy when I say I am no longer going to participate on this forum. I am happy to be leaving this nonesense behind. I will send a pm to John to delete my account from this forum. Maybe John can trim the forum down to the manufacturer brands and potential owners and only allow people to talk about their brand under that brand heading and not show any of the cookers in the pics when posting food photos. Even then some would still find something to complain about. Pretty sad when you have to come on to a forum and look for things to complain about. Can't you find anything better do do with your life?
  3. Other than a couple of comments by the OP and mostly comments about Canadian customer service where are the comments putting the BGE brand down in this thread. There have been positive comments about the brand in this thread by other posters. The OP who owns both commented about his frustration with customer service and mentioned his other brand cooker. People responded and some also mentioned the other brand. Is this what this forum is becoming? Analyzing everything that has been said and looking for any little thing to complain about. Maybe people who own the other brand will start complaining that people resent them talking about it.
  4. Too late... I understand that people are happy with their KJs. I'm glad they have great customer service. I'm glad members are so happy with them. To be totally honest though, I'm just tired of so many threads getting "KJ fanboy" treatment. Don't read them. If you are tired of them why keep reading them? KJ is very popular on this forum and it is not going to change.
  5. I am not a Kamado Joe Fanboy. but believe in giving credit where credit is due. Kamado Joe was late to the party. I believe they started in 2009 and some of the other companies were well established. Some things speak for themselves. Enough comments giving credit to other companies have been repeated on this forum by different people but for whatever reason people forget about them. I think that referring to people as fanboys is worse than other comments made in this thread that give credit where credit is due. People are entitled to their opinions.
  6. There are usually different products in different price ranges and different quality with different features with anything someone wants to buy. I bought a Kia Forte EX at the end of December after looking at several different cars in both the compact and midsize class. There are several reasons why I preferred this over others. If someone on here said a Mercedes is better than a Kia I would not be offended because it would be true. Same thing with ceramic kamado's. If you look at some vs others there are some obvious differences in build quality, hardware quality, warranty, features and pricing. Some of the companies might be above others when it comes to customer service. Not everyone can see the different brands in person to compare against one another. When someone comes on this forum and asks a question to get a better understanding I don't see anything wrong with being honest. For example, this one has a better warranty or better hardware or better customer service or comes with more accessories or is a better value. Now some things can be subjective but some are obvious and sometimes for the sake of argument some can present some things as equal when they are not. Many times on this forum people have stated that all the cookers get great results but if they make any statement about one having an advantage over another in any way someone can and usually does get offended. In this day and age it seems like some of the top companies are monitoring the forums and in some situations comments can bring about improvements in either their product or customer service because they know that what people say and read on the forums can have an effect on their business and sales. Competition is a good thing for everyone and when and if a company stands above others in different areas I don't think that there is anything wrong with saying so. I have a Grill Dome and it cooks great food. They lack the accessories that the competition has, their bigger cooker is a different size so you couldn't use other companies accessories. In my opinion they should do something with their extended rack so that it would be secure like a notch in the legs to keep it from sliding when you try to get food off of it. If someone asks about a Grill Dome I have no problem being honest and pointing out advantages and or disadvantages so that the person can make an informed decision. I think it is only fair when someone is considering spending that much money. When I first started researching these cookers one major company had people on their forum who were blindly loyal and either deny or downplay known problems. On the other hand nothing in life is perfect and anything can happen no matter what you own. People get great deals on Akorns and Visions and they cook great and provide very good customer service. There are some very good companies and products out there, I am not trying to insult anyones cookers. At the same when I see what is happening, Kamado Joe provides consistently outstanding customer service that is above even the better companies, it is that good. They continue to innovate and improve their products and even improved their warranty. You get a stand and everything you need to cook on the cooker when it arrives. When you look at the overall picture they are starting to pull away from the competition. Competition is good for everyone as it brings bout improvements. Primo is now selling a round package that comes with a stand. BGE has made some changes too. I am not knocking any other company or product but I feel that Kamado Joe deserves the credit for what they do and what they have accomplished. Not everyone will buy a Kamado Joe, there are different reasons why some will buy other brands and that is their right . There are a lot of good choices.
  7. CVW

    Finally !!!

    Congratulations, great choice. Only thing holding me up is getting this deck finished first and then a Big Joe Right now I am thinking Red with the new black shelves.
  8. Glad to hear things are headed in a positive direction.
  9. BGE is known for terrible customer service in Canada. This has been going on for some time and the fact that it remains the same speaks for itself about the company in my opinion. I remember some time ago a member on the BGE forum got pissed over customer service in Canada and got rid of his cookers and replaced them with Primo's.
  10. I never really ate wings and legs. After getting my kamado made wings a few times and liked them and I have had some legs and quarters but overall not a lot. I usually eat the breast meat but I do like them. I wanted to ask those who have had more experience eating them a question. I have seen people who stick the leg in and close their mouth around it and when they are done the bones are clean. There are times when legs and wings have some really black stuff as you get into them. Now sometimes there is some light coloring where it contacts the bone but sometimes it is really black and there can also be what looks like a vein but a black color. The people just sticking it in and pulling out clean bones must be eating all of that. My question is, do you eat the black stuff and the veiny looking stuff and all of that on chicken wings and legs?
  11. I usually buy at BJ's or a supermarket. There is a reasonably priced butcher not too far away but they are usually mobbed. Other local butchers are really high priced and I just won't pay that much more.
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