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  1. Looking good. Never cooked shrimp myself but have heard when they are in the shape of a C they are done. With the shrimp straight out on skewers what do you use to know when they are done?
  2. I will try this and also the BBQ Brethren method and see which I like best but it won't be for a while.
  3. Sorry, I forgot the link. Here is an actual picture. I bought 2. Says it hold 60lbs of pet food. They are pretty good size. I may buy more.
  4. BJ's has this on sale for 19.99. Looks to be made by the same company that makes the Kingsfore Charcoal Caddy. It is a little bigger and has wheels on the back. I might buy one and use for charcoal storage. It is listed as Buddeez pet storage in BJ's.
  5. They won the competition with this pork loin. Low and slow and pull at 200 degrees? I think I am going to try this. If you had a pork loin half that big would the uncovered time be half as much?
  6. My experience with a KJ Classic had the same results as ryanmarsh. Not being able to keep a steady temp and it was difficult to keep it at 350 for a low temp, I never tried 250 but can't see how it would have been possible. When I read on here that the KJ is set it and forget it temp control I just can't understand it unless there was an issue with mine. I always thought there must have been some kind of a problem with it but there were no visible smoke leaks. The other thing was anything grilled came out dry. I took them off at lower temps than I normally would and still dry. Those would be normal temps based on safety guidelines. Even trying to take the food off at bare minimum safe temps it was dry. I would cook the same stuff on mine at the same temp from the same package and mine would come out moist and tender even if I took it off at higher temps. I calibrated all thermometers too. I was thinking dry food would be caused by too much air but then again no visible leaks. I had many emails back and forth with Bobby Brennan and also Bob Carter trying to find a solution and no luck. I already owned a kamado it was not like I was clueless and I understand that different brands can require a different touch but nothing worked. I am still baffled by this and also frustrated because other than that I liked the cooker and really wanted to find a solution.
  7. CVW

    Kamado Joe

    Have your issues been resolved Mewantkj?
  8. A lot of people see a kamado as a slam dunk over anything else. Harry Soo could cook on anything he wants and I believe he mainly use other cookers even though he has that kamado. I am surprised that if a kamado is that much better why they are not the preferred choice in more situations. Maybe because they are fragile, maybe because they need more useable space in those situations?
  9. Many of the big comp guys prefer briquettes because of the uniform size and burn time compared to different sized pieces of lump. I am wondering what the difference in taste is.
  10. CVW

    Kamado Joe

    I purchased my Grill Dome without ever seeing one in person. Maybe someone on the KJ or this forum lives near you and would let you see theirs. If not there are some unboxing videos that show it being put together step by step.
  11. I have been wanting to do beans under a pork loin.
  12. Great looking burger. Also gives a little demo of how to use the available KJ options.
  13. Looks great Vance, you obviously have some camera skills as well. Smoky Ribs is doing a series of videos for hot dogs, he has 3 so far.
  14. Some nice suggestions, unfortunately everything that is done adds cost so I don't think you will see it happen.
  15. I know this guys skills are above mine but I would have thought you would leave the cover off in the kamado to get some flavor.
  16. Have you had any issues with the finish? No, I keep mine covered with a cheap Weber kettle cover. How do you like the ceramic fire grate? I prefer it over the metal one, I don't care for the design of the metal one. No trouble with high or low temp. Can't really comment on the metal grate because I took it out and went back to the ceramic grate. My first ceramic grate cracked early on but lasted for years before it was no longer useable. My second one has no cracks at all. It does have machined surfaces and the gasket is thinner than the competitors. I have not replaced a gasket but my cooker was exchanged because of another issue. There have been some Grill Domes and very few according to Grill Dome that have had issues with hinge adjustments. There is a procedure for fixing that and it is easily understood but for whatever reason some can't be adjusted properly. My cooker had this happen and I brought it to a dealer which was a fairly long trip and after trying for quite a while without succcess he exchanged it with a demo he had that was in great shape. It looked like it might have only been used once or twice and it sealed perfectly. They used to recommend a 12 or 13 inch deflector, I can't remember exactly which but they do now recommend a 10 inch. I still use a 12 or 13 inch deflector on the indirect rack and have had no issues because of it. My first firebox with the first cooker had some very slight cracks after the first couple of cooks but lasted a long time. This replacement has no cracks whatsoever. A deflector on the GD indirect rack hangs down further into the firebox than competitors and that is why they are recommending the smaller size. I do not baby it but I do leave the top vent open for several minutes after shutting the bottom during shutdown as recommended. I have seen different people on the GD forum use the cooker the way they wanted to and they did not have issues. I have had no issues with customer service. TK always said he wanted to treat people like he would want to be treated. There were times he was in India but usually I believe someone else was available to answer the phone but I am not sure about that. Last I heard TK wanted to retire and the son was going to take over so TK was helping with the transition. I know there have been people on the forum over the years who rave about customer service. People who have Grill Domes seem to really like them. You can buy one for less than competitors unless you find them on sale. I mentioned the hinge issue but other brands have misalignments, lids fall off, poor fitting vents and other things. Whatever brand you buy there is a possibility that something could go wrong during the time you own it. One thing about this GD is that mine has sat for several months at times because of my schedule without getting mold inside. There should be no issues with customer service but there might not be local dealers near you depending on where you live if that is important to you. They were supposedly going to be expanding and getting more dealers but who knows how many and where they will be. In my opinion Grill Dome is at least just as good as any other brand other than Komodo Kamado and build quality speaks for itself.
  17. They already had the extended rack and indirect rack previous weeks but if anyone is interested you can go there and watch what goes on sale.
  18. I will respond later when I have more time.
  19. Nice looking meal. I have had acorn squash on the kamado and it turns out really good. Been meaning to do it again but have not got around to it.
  20. I have had a Grill Dome since 2005. I would guess they already told you all the positives. It does not have a daisy wheel but you don't need one. They don't offer as many accessories as competitors but with the indirect rack and upper rack and a deflector you can do what you need to. The large should be able to use competitors accessories for the most part but the XL is 22 inches instead of 24 so the competitors accessories would not work. Some don't like the painted surface instead of glazed. Mothers bbq and stoked on smoke aka bbq bros and smokey goodness have some you tube videos of cooks on Grill Domes. They cook really good. I have a replacement firebox and there are no cracks at all. In my opinion heavier build quality than any ceramic kamado other than a Komodo Kamado. What specifically would you like to know?
  21. Now you are ready for some weep and read ribs
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