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  1. I have never had it happen with whole chickens and I have done several of them
  2. Don't know if they fixed them but that cooker had firebox cracking issues at one time. Any cookers firebox can have cracks but this was different. A 5 year warranty says it all. I also know nothing of what kind of customer service the company provides. If you were to buy it and a firebox cracked and you had to have it shipped it would also more than likely cost shipping to get it and depending on how far that would add to the cost. I know it is tempting but if it were me I would pass on it and watch for a deal on a Vision. Better warranty and a really good customer service history.
  3. Nice looking chicken. I would guess you used a full firebox minus the divider? How many spots did you light?
  4. It was weird because he was educated and articulate but just didn't get it when it came to showing some respect to others. He must have been doing this a long time because he knew what he was talking about when it came to technique and preparation. The thing I find to be very odd was that as much as he cooked I don't recall him ever posting a picture of any of his cooks or his set up even though someone asked him to. How many people do you know that participate as often as he did on this kind of forum and never post a picture of any of their cooks? Especially with the way he felt about Primo.
  5. Can get a new Large size oval by itself cheaper than that. I have not seen the large size in person but I don't like the jr and would not buy one. Just my opinion.
  6. CVW

    Meat Recall

  7. Even the simple things turn out great on a kamado
  8. I could go for some of that.
  9. BGE has been around a long time and last I knew sells more ceramic cookers than anyone else so they must be doing something right. That being said I have seen different people that have switched from BGE to KJ but I have not seen anyone switching from KJ to BGE.
  10. I was in WalMart the other day and they still had (2) 8 lb bags of Royal Oak left from last season and they also had a few bags of Cowboy. It is seasonal here, I am wondering if they are replacing Royal Oak or going to carry both.
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