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  1. BBQ Guys is $949 for a classic on the stand, I saw another place $949 with no stand. Has there been upgrades or just a price increase?
  2. It is my opinion that the oval offers some advantages in certain situations. All kamado's get great results but there are differences. Most owners are loyal to the brand they own. It is really best to research and if possible see and compare the ones you are interested in.
  3. After the way it started out I figured these would come out like crap. They were the best I have ever made. I grabbed the last rack before it was too late for a picture. The right side looks dry but it was not. These ribs were consistently juicy and tender. First time I have ever used Texas Bbq Rub and if the results are going to be this good then I will be using that a lot.
  4. CVW

    Ribs Ok?

    Haven't cooked in a while. Started the cooker and got it at temp and threw on the ribs. Checked 45 minutes later and the temp never went back up so it was at 150 maybe a little lower for 45 minutes. Upped the temp and had to attend to other matters, 2 hours later only at 200 degrees. Brought temp up and going ok now but do you think the ribs will still be ok?
  5. Look really good, been a long time since I cooked wings
  6. Very nice cook and very nice cooker.
  7. It took me over 2 years after I started researching Ceramic Kamados to buy one. I wish I had bought one sooner as a matter of fact I wish I had found them years earlier. I see some people ask if they should buy now or wait for the newer version. I would say buy now and enjoy it as soon as possible.
  8. Looking really good and the glaze makes it look even better.
  9. CVW

    Verizon Fios

    I appreciate the responses. Mr Cue, without trying to be abrasive I don't think I should have to pay for a service and either possess the necessary skills or find someone who does to fix issues with the service. As far as I am concerned it is their router and modem and their service, they should be able to do what is necessary to get it running properly. I had satellite tv previously and cable internet but using a Netgear router with a cable modem and I did not have this problem. I will try to find out about the IPV6, thank you.
  10. CVW

    Verizon Fios

    I got Fios hooked up today and what a disappointment. It does not stream in HD on Netflix. Tech support said the router range is not good enough but I brought the laptop right next to the router and it did not help at all. The son is wired direct with an ethernet cable right next to the router and same results for him. Going online it seems there is known problems with this. What little tv I watched seemed to be real good. I can't believe a company pushing their product as the best out there having a problem like this and not fixing it. Not like they just started providing internet service. What a shame.
  11. That is really sad, as usual the criminals have all the rights. When they hurt or kill someone some lawyer will be looking for any tiny little crack to allow them to escape paying for it. I understand the need for rights but it gets ridiculous. A while back therewas an ex baseball players son who was on top of his girlfriend brutally stabbing her and he was really well built and someone triedto pull him off of her as he was stabbing her and was unable to do so. She died and he goes to court and pleads not guilty. There were witnesses right there and someone trying to pull him off and he can plead not guilty? Are you kidding me? Glad to hear that in this situation there was no harm done physically. Unfortunately it doesn't sound like there is any deterrent, in fact it sounds like the way the laws are it probably even encourages that kind of behavior.
  12. Yes, I have talked to dealers who can get the product but don't have one on display and know nothing about the product and I have also gotten misinformation about the Primo product at least one dealership. I have seen the same with another brand. Don't know iof it has to do with the part of the country involved or not. If some dealers are no better than that they might as well sell at big box stores.
  13. I appreciate your post and your point of view. I have seen situations in the past where companies shipped some people warranty replacements for free and that same company charged others. I realize in the past some companies if the warranty claim happened early on in ownership within a specific time frame would not charge shipping costs. I think it should be the same for everybody to be fair. If a company is going to ship free within a certain frame then it sould be that way for everybody, if not charge everybody. It can cause frustrated customers if some get free and others pay. At the same time it is frustrating if you have a warranty issue right away to have to pay for shipping because I feel the customer deserves to receive the cooker in proper cooking order without incurring additional costs to make things the way they should have been. Just my 2 cents.
  14. Don't they usually recommend he brass bristles for poircelain coated grills? Does other options damage them?
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