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  1. The only thing you can do is learn by your mistakes and move forward. I hope that Primo is sincerely making customer service a top priority now all the time. As the owner of a company like that no matter who you are you need to realize there is a point of no return. When things go that wrong and the customer is that unhappy then you should realize that there are situations although I would suspect very few in number that you would be better off just taking the cooker back and giving the person a refund instead of saying that is not the way we do business, especially since you dropped the ball and allowed things to escalate. While it is good to see if this is the attitude they exhibit going forward, there were other companies that made customer service a top priority from the day they started their business. I think some of these companies also need some attention on quality control. While nothing in life is perfect and some things could happen during shipment, they should make sure that lids are lined up and hinges adjusted properly and if not that they can be adjusted properly before shipping to a customer. That is why I like the local dealer, because you can check everything before you take it home to make sure there are no problems and everything is as it should be.
  2. Well, they must have changed their thinking because I was dealing directly with the owner and his thinking was nowhere near what Kamado Joe's is and I can tell you that from experience with both companies. In fact the company I bought from last I knew no longer sells Primo because of what happened and how it happened. If that didn't bring about a change of attitude then I don't know what would. Seems like most issues were dealing directly with the company not warranty issues through dealers. I still wish things could have been different because I like the design.
  3. I actually knew someone (deceased now fom other causes) that used to light a fire under the car oil pan in the cold weather. That was with cars from the 1960s and before. Back then oil was different and he did it to thin the oil. Never had one catch on fire but not something I would have done.
  4. I have admired the blue for some time. If I was going to get another one it would be the blue.
  5. Bummer, after the anticipation that has got to be very disappointing. Hope you get a quick response from Vision.
  6. Something real simple that has always impressed others is ABT's. Maybe you have already done them but if not I would suggest it. You could also stuff and or bacon wrap different items.
  7. That would be awesome, I hope he is successful.
  8. CVW

    Fuel 21

    Fire starter for those that like that option.
  9. CVW

    Fuel 21

  10. BBQINMAINIAC on the Primo website. Spelling does not look right , I forgot how it is spelled.
  11. CVW

    Grill Dome

    I completely agree with you Ross, I guess only time will tell.
  12. Very nice, love the available cooking space
  13. CVW

    Grill Dome

    Yes, the product is very good and I realize they are a small company. It is an impressive looking cooker with the heavy duty hardware and as I have stated before, with a few improvements and additions they could be tough to beat.
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