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  1. Just to drag this back up, I got my cart last weekend & love it, but my Classic II does wobble a bit in it, UNLESS, I have it moved either forward or back against the railing to steady it. If forward, it only wobbles a little if the lid is opened. Was wondering what type of fix you might have in mind?
  2. Thanks for the tips! I'll probably take to moving the Jr. into the garage (no shed yet) but hell, even it's a PITA to carry.Gotta move everything anyway as I'm trying to decide how to do a cheap patio/greilling area next, this will give me time to mull that over with the Jr. out of the way.
  3. This may sound silly and a bit paranoid, but looking to get some opinions on it. I don't live in a bad neighborhood, but I do have that "one house" on the street that always seems to get the police called at least once a month, complete with strange cars showing up frequently. Now apart from this house I wouldn't even worry about this, but I have one of those 6 ft. privacy fences that you can somewhat see through ( I know, doesn't make sense, right?). as you drive by it, so I had the thought of getting either a long bicycle securing cable, or a padlock and length of chain from ACE/Lowes and running it through the base and around one of my steel fence posts. It wouldn't keep someone from taking the grill, but might slow em down if they can't roll the thing (a classic II is still a heavy SOB). So I guess I am just asking if anyone here has done such, or if I am just being overly paranoid with having a nice new grill? Thoughts & opinions?
  4. Well, my Akorn lasted about 5 years exactly, and decided to take a step up. Lower bracket holding the ash catcher totally rusted off, we were planning on waiting til after grilling season to look for a deal, but the old Akorn had other ideas. Shopping around for a deal, and turns out a local store here in OKC was having an event with a Kamado Joe rep, and a local brewery was set up right beside him. The wife & I went out with the intention of picking up a Classic ( I really wanted a BJ), but after seeing him cook on both decided that was a bit more than I needed, so the manager at the store got us set up with a Classic, a Joe Jr., and 2 bags of charcoal with a pretty decent (to me) discount. Looking forward to trying it out once these storms pass. So the TLDR: Got a KJ Classic & Jr. gonna make some good Que!
  5. And this is how we finish off the weekend. Filet's with bacon wrapped shrimp from Edes, and asparagus hot off the grill, thanks for looking.
  6. Thanks guys! Doing some bacon wrapped shrimp & filet's this evening. I really like that rs, I usually do a cook with the lid down & meat fully over the diffuser, but this just topped it.
  7. Ok, now that I have time again to get in the back yard, I thought it time to cook out for the GF's birthday. And in doing so I decided to try my first reverse sear; turned out rather good, I think I need to use a different pan for a diffuser/cool section, but otherwise I can not complain. I got some 2" thick ribeyes from the local Whole Foods, used some thick ground pepper & Himalayan sea salt, and butter on 'em. Now, have some steak pr0n! Thanks for looking!
  8. It's been a couple of weeks, and tomorrow it's supposed to hit low 30's here, so here's to all you Winter Grillers out there! Some ribeye goodness, straight from the CGK.
  9. VERY nicely done. I need to make some more myself but keep having issues with the dough.
  10. And it's official! The CGK has No issues cooking in cold weather Between the grill & the Doctor Who 50th anniversary, it's been a great day! Thanks for looking everyone.
  11. Yes on the indirect, that also helps prevent the drippings from flaring up, I have an old 14"-ish pizza pan that I wrap in foil that I permanently keep in there as both a drip pan and diffuser. Also since here in OKC it is a crisp 39* today with a windchill of 31* I decided to do my first "cold cook" on the CGK, so more burger pix arriving soon!
  12. Burgers were dee-lish! Thanks guys, yeah I love this grill, unfortunately the GF is wanting to take me to this Cajun place she found so no cookin' outside tonight, but we'll see about tomorrow.
  13. Doing somewhat of a "stay-cation" this week so more time to cook. Today it was burgers over the Akorn & fries (made by the girlfriend). Usually I just cook 'em over the fire but decided to use my diffuser to double up as a grease catcher & they came out great, they started out as 1/2lb burgers but as you can see they did shrink up a bit, not too greasy/juicy & not to dry. The example of the finished product below includes swiss cheese, pickles, and a couple dabs of sriracha sauce for a little kick. Enjoy the photos, I'll enjoy the burger.
  14. Heh, I think that was #3 & I have no idea how I replaced GF with GD. That's been fixed now, and on that note I'm firing up the Akorn for some burgers while she does fries...will post on that later!
  15. The GF made her homemade mashed potatoes, so I figured it was only right o me to provide the entree' for the evening. Ended up grilling up a couple of ribeys with a seasoning I picked up at the meat market; I think they came out alright & haven't heard any complaints yet.
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